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  1. I also have tried many times but didn’t succeed. Always get the same error message that file is corrupted. As I have posted earlier somewhere in the forum, I think it has to do with the fact that the two volumes are wiped when installing DSM. So I guess the solution would be to somehow keep the TC partition…but I don’t know how to do that. Install DSM 6.2 with the Jun loaders works, I have that running without any problems. So theoretically it should also be possible with TC?!
  2. it is not just a boot-wait, the installation just quite because of a error message “the file is probably corrupted..” and than you can’t do anything anymore. I guess the problem is related to the fact that the disks are wiped and somehow it losses connection with the bootlader. I’m having the same problem with redpill but the Jun loader works just fine installing DSM 6.2. So my guess is that if the bootloader partition could be protected against wiping that it should work, just my simple thoughts.. Installing on VMM
  3. Same here, I also guess it has to do with wiping the disks. The strange thing is that I do manage to install DSM with the Jun loader, and in doing so it also asks me to erase the disks, but after that the installation goes just fine and I can create my account and log in. I was thus able to successfully install DSM 6.2.3 (DS918+) with the Jun loader. So what is the difference?
  4. I also have the same problem... Can you explain in a little more detail how to do that, monitoring the log? I'm not very familiar with that.
  5. Hi, I’m trying to install DSM918+ on a real Synology NAS via VMM (Virtual Machine Manager) with the Redpill loader. The bootloader is build just fine and I can find the install page with Synology Assistant, but the installation of DSM just fails every time. After uploading the pat file the installer starts and at 55-56% I get an error message that the file is probably corrupted. I have downloaded the pat file from the Synology site. These are my steps to build the loader: sudo ./ update now sudo ./ fullupgrade now sudo ./ serialgen DS918+ n
  6. @rgarjr I know this is an old post, but do you know a way to change the serial number? Changing the serial is the only way to install a second instance. TIA
  7. I'm getting this error mount: special device synoboot1 does not exist I have installed Xpenology following this tutorial install-xpenology-on-synology-virtual-machine-manager Everything works find, but I would like to install a second XPE, but for that I need to change the serial. Any help please!
  8. Did you find out if it was possible to install DDSM on another Docker? I’m running DDSM on Synology docker, but I would also like to have a version of DDSM running on docker on my Debian VM. Anyone know if this is possible and how do a do that? TIA