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  1. I don’t know much about reverse and ida pro Recommend you to read the first 4 articles of this blog This is what i found from DSM7.0.1 // IndexIsPathRemoteMount return 0LL; // NOT FOUND // IndexIsPathSupportEAWrite return 1LL; // NOT FOUND // libsynosdk.so _Bool SYNOFSIsRemoteFS(int a1) { printf("arg %d\n", a1); return a1 == 6; } long SYNOGetFSType(const char *a1, int a2) { printf("arg %s %d\n", a1, a2); return 2L; } // libhwcontrol.so long SmartDataRead(char *s, long a2, long a3) { printf("arg %s %d %d\n", s, a2, a3); return -1L; } long SYNODiskTemperatureGet(char
  2. This might be a solution RP extension on_os_load https://github.com/bb-qq/r8152/blob/master/spk_su.c install -m 4755 -o root -D spk_su /tmpRoot/opt/sbin/spk_su spk scripts/postinst https://github.com/bb-qq/r8152/blob/master/scripts/postinst
  3. It is not needed when Synology Photos are not installed. So I prefer to package it into spk. It is also convenient to delete these files when uninstalling. The problem is that 7.0 does not support running spk as root.
  4. Use `LD_PRELOAD` to inject the `IsSupported` function to turn off GPU face recognition Tested on DS918+ 7.0.1 Synology Photos Version: 1.1.0-0224/1.0.1-0194 preload.c // preload.c #include <stdio.h> long long _ZN9synophoto6plugin7network9IeNetwork11IsSupportedEv() { printf("synophoto::plugin::network::IeNetwork::IsSupported return 0\n"); return 0LL; } __attribute__((constructor)) void main() { printf("module inject success\n"); } preload.so shell Make CHROOT@ds.apollolake[/source]# gcc -fPIC -shared -o preload.so preload.c Inst
  5. rp-ext has added it https://github.com/pocopico/rp-ext/tree/main/redpill-acpid
  6. maybe repack zImage can not use make defconfig should change to synoconfigs/apollolake or synoconfigs/bromolow, can someone review this shell https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/blob/develop/.github/workflows/make.yml i will test later CONFIG_KERNEL_GZIP=y -> # CONFIG_KERNEL_GZIP is not set # CONFIG_KERNEL_LZMA is not set -> CONFIG_KERNEL_LZMA=y
  7. DS918+ bsp made by GitHub Actions DS3615xs src https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/commit/8605a0c1c726a64089e63b55eed9b2102c64276d
  8. https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/commit/8b4b2cae1be7abaf7f05509c2fb96633e77574aa It should be ready to use out of the box now
  9. Manually execute install-acpid.sh, I'm not sure if on_os_load can work properly #!/bin/sh # download files curl -L https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/raw/develop/redpill-acpid/acpid.tar.gz -o /tmp/acpid.tar.gz # copy file tar -zxvf /tmp/acpid.tar.gz -C / # enable systemctl enable acpid.service # start systemctl start acpid.service
  10. I don't quite understand what you mean, I just included the redpill-virtio/rpext-index.json file for easy management.
  11. https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/commit/4538862705ce42cbd443fdfc6cdd90e10ec2cdf4 Finally fixed the error of missing redpill-virtio
  12. @ThorGroupCan we simplify bundled-exts.json E.g { "@RedPill-TTG/redpill-virtio": "master", "@RedPill-TTG/redpill-boot-wait": "master" } made it mirror friendly
  13. Pseudocode for compression final int SIGN_LENGTH = 64; // FIXME 可能是(4倍对齐 补00)的魔法值 final int MAGIC_LENGTH = 4; long length = filesize("rd.cpio"); cli>lzma -9 rd.cpio try (RandomAccessFile lzmaFile = new RandomAccessFile("rd.cpio.lzma", "rw")) { // add 00 and 64 byte 00 fake sign lzmaFile.setLength(((lzmaFile.length() + MAGIC_LENGTH - 1) / MAGIC_LENGTH) * MAGIC_LENGTH + SIGN_LENGTH); // rewrite lzma 8 byte uncompressed size from -1 to real size lzmaFile.seek(5); final ByteBuffer order = ByteBuffer.allocate(8).putLong(length).order(ByteOrder.LITTLE_ENDIAN); order.re