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  1. for inetd create /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/J00inetd.sh no need patch /etc/rc or open http://IP:5000/webman/start_telnet.cgi
  2. agree. I use fork to submit pull request and realize some of my own ideas, which will change at any time, and lack of testing
  3. Try to implement loading extended kernel modules like extra.lzma https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/commit/4ff6ffe72a479cbe3ef5a67ecad86441109edd1c PS D:\redpill-load> tree .\custom\ /f /a D:\REDPILL-LOAD\CUSTOM | .gitkeep | \---lib +---firmware | \---4.4.180+ | \---i915 | bxt_dmc_ver1_07.bin | cnl_dmc_ver1_06.bin | glk_dmc_ver1_04.bin | kbl_dmc_ver1_01.bin | kbl_dmc_ver1_04.bin | skl_dmc_ver1_26.bin | skl_dmc_ver1_27.bin |
  4. redpill-load/include/file.sh out="$("${CP_PATH}" --recursive --dereference "${1}" "${2}" 2>&1)" -> out="$("${CP_PATH}" -f --recursive --dereference "${1}" "${2}" 2>&1)"
  5. vi entrypoint.sh maybe git -C ${REDPILL_LOAD_SRC} pull -> git -C ${REDPILL_LOAD_SRC} fetch --all && git -C ${REDPILL_LOAD_SRC} reset --hard origin/${REDPILL_LOAD_BRANCH} && git -C ${REDPILL_LOAD_SRC} pull
  6. sorry rebase and git push -f can fix pull with git fetch --all && git reset --hard origin/develop && git pull
  7. work with https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-load/pull/28 only tested on windows build-loader-win-amd64.exebuild-loader-mac-amd64build-loader-linux-amd64
  8. https://github.com/jumkey/redpill-load/commit/4951ed846126d12e5dbdc0e1e659f76905c3f3ec#diff-6667d81f3402a3f159a2e75c074f40e98e6b794391de776f6df1c5a8f89f9017 ext/build-template-image.txt github diff. sorry for my poor english
  9. This means that there is no GPU passthrough ls /dev/dri ls: cannot access '/dev/dri': No such file or directory
  10. https://github.com/dogodefi/Synoextradrivers @yanjun has been created extradrivers repo