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  1. I see there are plenty of Duel Xeon x99 board's on AliExpress, will xpenology run and use both CPUs? Does DSM 6.2 run on e5 Xeon? Thanks
  2. SMART works fine here (H81M mainboard too) Can you get a screenshot?
  3. Freenas is as clear as mud Tried it once and never again
  4. I get about 110 up and 120 down from my PC (SMB) 120 is pretty good TBH BTW, why the extreme overkill on the memory and boot disk? I have 4GB in mine, never seen the usage go over 15-20%
  5. martysport

    Cant connect

    Always best to assign a static IP
  6. LOL managed to sort it by renaming DISKSTAION to something else
  7. I can see "Diskstation" in my windows 10 network. I used to be able to access it no problems but now it has stopped working and it just says the username or password is wrong. I don't think it's windows because its the same on all my PC's but I'm open to suggestions I have even tried making a new user in DSM, same thing I have a test server, that has the same config and that connects fine
  8. Please add a driver for the "Atheros killer E2200" NIC It currently works but doesn't show network traffic info ( please see this post http://xpenology.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18239 ) Thanks
  9. Stick the drives in a PC and run 'clean' in DISKPART, that will wipe off EVERYTHING inc all various partitions
  10. Nor did I with my old mainboard, only since changing it. Looks like someone else has the same problem too (using the Atheros killer E2200 like I am), I found this post with a quick search.
  11. I recently upgraded to a 4 core CPU (AMD x4 880K) Mainboard is a Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer. Bare metal install DSM 5.2-5967 Update 2 Ploblem is I have no speed displayed for the LAN traffic, yet it functions fine? Screenshot was taken streaming a movie in Plex to my TV.
  12. Download station doesn't seem to download anything either
  13. I wouldn't keep them on the same SHR config as the sata. It would slow the sata down to ide speed. IDE are kinda old now, most likely would fail fairly quickly.
  14. NO way!! So I just need to clear any configs form raid card, plug in all hardware and synology does the rest??? Does it get any info from the card? Can you post a screen shot of of the info when you go to disks? THanks This what you want?
  15. ASM1061 chipset, tried 2 and neither worked
  16. You need to use an older image please re-read what I wrote
  17. No need for a mouse I had problems with 5.2 I downgraded to 5.0-4528 to get it working again then migrated to 5.1 again. (at this point do a backup of configuration ) Afterwards I upgraded to 5.2 using the version 2 of the 5.2 .IMG on my USB but chose clean install rather than migrate. You loose ALL settings but data (files) are still all there, once working just restore your saved configuration
  18. Don't use the card as RAID, just set it up as is and xpenology will sort the rest out
  19. Migration 100% does not work for me, tried a fresh install and it worked fine (and kept me files)
  20. MSI SATA SATA6 PCIe card works OK, I have two of them
  21. Hi, I've had XPEnology for some time now with no issues been thought several versions so not a noob (but far from an expert ) I have 5.1 on a bare metal setup, no issues in the past but I can't install 5.2 Every time I try it sticks at "wait 2 seconds for synology manufactory device" no matter what I then have to downgrade before going back to 5.1. Any ideas? Tried 3 times now, same result.
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