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  1. SMART works fine here (H81M mainboard too) Can you get a screenshot?
  2. Freenas is as clear as mud Tried it once and never again
  3. I get about 110 up and 120 down from my PC (SMB) 120 is pretty good TBH BTW, why the extreme overkill on the memory and boot disk? I have 4GB in mine, never seen the usage go over 15-20%
  4. martysport

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    Always best to assign a static IP
  5. LOL managed to sort it by renaming DISKSTAION to something else
  6. I can see "Diskstation" in my windows 10 network. I used to be able to access it no problems but now it has stopped working and it just says the username or password is wrong. I don't think it's windows because its the same on all my PC's but I'm open to suggestions I have even tried making a new user in DSM, same thing I have a test server, that has the same config and that connects fine
  7. Please add a driver for the "Atheros killer E2200" NIC It currently works but doesn't show network traffic info ( please see this post ) Thanks
  8. Stick the drives in a PC and run 'clean' in DISKPART, that will wipe off EVERYTHING inc all various partitions
  9. Nor did I with my old mainboard, only since changing it. Looks like someone else has the same problem too (using the Atheros killer E2200 like I am), I found this post with a quick search.
  10. I recently upgraded to a 4 core CPU (AMD x4 880K) Mainboard is a Fatal1ty FM2A88X+ Killer. Bare metal install DSM 5.2-5967 Update 2 Ploblem is I have no speed displayed for the LAN traffic, yet it functions fine? Screenshot was taken streaming a movie in Plex to my TV.
  11. Download station doesn't seem to download anything either
  12. I wouldn't keep them on the same SHR config as the sata. It would slow the sata down to ide speed. IDE are kinda old now, most likely would fail fairly quickly.