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  1. Update: A clean reinstall (instead of migration) solved it apparently. Now its running fine.
  2. Hi, I just migrated my DS3615XS from a working 6.1.4 to 6.2-23739 using Jun 1.03b loader and following these steps: 1. New USB drive 2. edited the grub.cgf with vid, pid and SN (from generator) and the MAC (the one I used before in 6.1.4 as shown in the assistant) 3. created USB Boot with Rufus 4. inserted USB in NAS 5. Booted in Bios legacy modus 6. Migrated via assistant (manually) to the DSM 6.2-23739 Everything went fine. I see the Nas in the Assitent and all is good. I can log in and it seems normal. But after a few secon
  3. zarillo

    Fan control

    Hi, does anyone know if I can use the Synology fan control on my sys fans? I have a NODE 304 case with three sys fans plugged in the mainboards pins. I lik eto get them to stop spinning in idle load (cool CPU). Any idea? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I wonder how I can setup my System: Node 304 Pentium G3240 4 GB RAM Gigabyte GA-H97N-WIFI be quiet! SYSTEM POWER 7 300W Xpenology in a way that it is on standby just as my current Synology DS 212j ? What I mean is, that the fans are off and the sys is in standby? If the DS 212j is on standby (all green lights are off) access from a ressource on the intranet wakes it up. Goal is to get the system silent when i dont need it but also wake it up quickly when i need it. Any idea how that could work? Cheers Zarillo
  5. Hmmm...interesting. So if i can stream all my videos to my several clients via the Duo2 thats definitly a option for me. However: Is there a sort of mediaportal/Bibliothek like the one the Plex offers? I think XBMC/Kodi is similar but does it run on the duo2?
  6. Hmm...but is it powerful enough to run Plexserver? AFAIK PLex is not supported on VU boxes and/but it is the best way to transcode and stream not compatible video formats (especially in my setup to a Chromestick) up to FullHD resoultion. How and what do you transcode and whats your setup?
  7. @Holybable: I did that and I know the list ( thanks for the constructive tip) but 1. The result is (at least to me) not clear on the question if a USB stick that is compatible with Synology is also compatible with Xpenology. I assume yes, but you cant take that for granted i guess. Thats why i am interested in the experience of other users. and 2. The list contains only USB sticks. I asked for experience with internal PCIe DVB cards as I build my own NAS and like to avoid external stuff that blocks a otheriwse available USB port. But anyway..i will now go with the VU+ Zero
  8. Hi, yes, a German bord user also recommanded that method and I am thinking of going with the VU+ Zero receiver. Its small, noiseless, and powerfull enough to serve as a recorder to the NAS. PLex is capable of streaming and transcoding .TS files so I dont even have to do anything with the recorded files. Thanks for the tipp!!
  9. HI, danke! D-lan klar! Hatte ich gar nicht dran gedacht! Guter Tipp! Ich denke das nehme ich. Die Zero finde ich wegen der Größe super und sie soll auch nur als Videorecorder eingesetzt werden (jedenfalls in den nächsten 1-2 Jahren) Sie soll lediglich dem selbstbau NAS die Aufnahmen zuspielen und im Grunde einen oft sehr zickigen TV-Stick ersetzen. Merci
  10. Hi, danke für die schnelle Antwort. Gute Idee! Hab den hier ausgeguckt: Problem ist nur, dass Fritzbox (router) und NAS/Vu+ in unterschiedlichen Zimmern stehen. Befürchte, dass Wlan zwischen NAS und Vu+ für HDS aufnahmen zu schwankend/gering ist in der Bandbreite? Muss ja schon über wlan vom NAS die Filme nachher holen und via PLex auf den Chromecast im Wohnzimmer streamen. Meinst du dieses Setup würde gehen: VU+ per Lankabel direkt an das NAS. NAS per Wlan an die FritzBox. Chromestick per Wlan an der Fritzbox. Plexserver läuft
  11. Hi, ich möchte mir einen Server zusammenbasteln der: a) Plex transcodieren erlaubt (1 User) b) Sat-HDTV (kein HD+/ Sky) aufnehmen und dann über Plex die aufgenommenen Sendungen weiterverteilen lässt. Eventuell auch direkt TV streamt...mal sehen. Da dachte ich an einen - Pentium G3220 oder G3258 Anniversary Ed. - 4 GB Ram - GAH97N-Wifi board - Fractal Node 304 Gehäuse - B-Quite 300 W (BN 140) Netzteil - 2 x 2TB WD Green mit xpenology als OS. Plex kommt aus dem Pluginfeed und Tv-Aufnahmen erldigt die Videostation. Zugriff und programmierung über Chromecast/TV und Andr
  12. HI, i used the search but i could not find a proper answer to my question: I plan to build my own server to run plex on it and record HDTV (that i stream via plex afterwards to my clients). OS shall be Xpenology as I will be able to use the plex plugin and the videostation for recording. Does anyone know a PCIe or USB Card/Stick that is supported by Xpenology? I dont want to fiddle around with drivers or stuff...plug and ply if possible. Merci!! Zarillo