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  1. hi, where to download the update 2? thanks.
  2. Hi, there is a report that the 212J update to 4528 and got err. maybe we need to wait few days to see what happened.
  3. i had a ubuntu system on my vm, so i mount the virtual disk to the ubuntu then edit it.
  4. try again: vm-workstation 10. 32m HD for : NB_x64_5032_DSM_50-4493_Xpenology_nl.vmdk -- change the menu_install.lst 10G HD. start : from the menu, choice second : install/upgrade next, choice 4528. done. from the Synology Assistant, find the site, then link. in the web, upload the pat ( download from syn.) done. login : ok install audio station -- ok. install download station -- ok. reboot -- ok. change ip and gateway -- ok. install photo station and upload photo -- ok.
  5. hi, for your information: my system: (for test) vmware workstation 10 32m HD (NB_x64_5032_DSM_50-4493_Xpenology_nl.vmdk) + 10G HD. installed 5.0 4493 - update7. and failed to upgrade to 5.0-4528 then i follow the instruction above: 1. change the menu_install.lst in the 32m HD. 2. restart the system. 3. in the menu chose install/upgrade 4. change to upgrade=5.0-4528 5. it become an new installation. 6. just finished the new installation. pat : download from syn. installation thru agent - link - web. 7. login as admin.-- yes, i can login without trouble. 8. it show : DMS VER
  6. i also try the clean install with the 4528 pat, the same problem. can not installed.
  7. Just test: . from dsm-5.0 4493 update7 : can not finish the update. got the error code 21. . the download : ... s_4528.pat
  8. Just test: . from dsm-5.0 4493 update7 : can not finish the update. got the error code 21.
  9. anyone installed the update 5? why they update so quickly?
  10. Hi, update4 : 1. some strange question. xxxx (HD) is not within the operating temperature... 2. after reboot, lost all volume. 3. reboot again, all volume came back. shutdown and turn off. everything fine after restart. but : a. backup setting gone. b. video setting gone. c. photo station setting gone..... anyone got the same problem?
  11. more than this. my app. all stop. must re-start manual.
  12. HI all, i got the same problem as Schnapps. after 3 reboot then everything came back. what happened?!