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  1. Thank you for your answer... ...I might try this, if everything else fails.
  2. Ah thank you for explaining that... But if I can access the system files, I will be able to change /etc.defaults/VERSION to something like: Right? If that's true, I can even try to downgrade if I fail DSM 6 again this evening...
  3. Thank you Polanskiman. I will certainly try several other things, before really wiping it. Hopefully there is some way to make it work. When I get back home, I will: 1. remove the network cables from the Intel PCIe card, so I will only have the onboard Intel one. 2. check the MTU on my switch 3. check the LACP settings on the switch (maybe that's the problem) though it still weird that other applications actually work. I will modify the grub.cfg once again and run "Force Install" again. And select the .pat file once again. Hopefully it will work now...
  4. Because if it's wrong and/or incorrect, I can easily correct it. It doesn't matter if it's commented out or not in this case, as it shouldn't do any harm. It's for me easier to revert back in case it's wrong. Otherwise I have to search the forum again and copy and paste the line once again. Reconfigure everything....! I will lose all my series, movies, download settings for Sabnzbd, Couchpotato and Sonarr. Not to mention that I will get recommended movies with Couchpotato I already have seen... Furthermore I will lose my database which is being used by 2 Kodi/Jarvis machines.
  5. Thanks for answering, but I already found that "solution" yesterday as well here: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7507-tutorial-installmigrate-dsm-52-to-602-juns-loader/?do=findComment&comment=65939 So I changed it to the following: # initrd $img/ramdisk.lzma $img/$extra_initrd initrd $img/$extra_initrd $img/ramdisk.lzma And I reinstalled again (throught Force Install and select the .pat file once again). ...but no luck. But I doubt this is the issue, because (like I have mentioned a few times) after 10 minutes on a normal boot, I can acce
  6. Hi Polanskiman. First thanks for answering, but I replied (since the forum was working again) a minute before your answer. Please check when you have the time. It's not an onboard Realtek NIC...
  7. So the forum is fixed again? Apparently also running on Jun's loader? Well changing "1" to "3" for "set netif_num" didn't work. I also checked the motherboard, which is an AsRock Z87E-ITX. According to the website of AsRock the onboard LAN is an Intel NIC (Giga PHY Intel® I217V). But to be honest; I doubt it's any of the NIC's (correct me when I am wrong though), because after booting up (normally with 1st option in Jun's loader) and wait for about 10 minutes. I can connect to my applications like Sabnzbd, Couchpotato and Sonarr. They also work normally, as they download stuff...
  8. Thanks for replying IG-88. I am already using my real MAC addresses for all ports. However the only thing I didn't change, was "netif_num=1", I still had it on "1". This wasn't mentioned in the tutorial though, so dunno if it's important. Will change it now to "3" and retry. Okay so no changes in SSH then whatsoever... Since I cannot enter the DSM GUI. Yeah, tried a few downgrades, didn't work... Sigh. So I am really hoping I can get 6.0 to work instead. The weird thing is, I just did another Force Install and loaded the .pat file. Then on the normal boot (1st option in bo
  9. Followed the tutorial perfectly. And both firmware and DSM are both updated to 6.0.2-8451 (I can check this if I reboot in Force Install mode again). The weird thing is, is when I wait long enough 5 - 10 minutes. I can connect suddenly to Sabnzbd, Couchpotato and Sonarr... However I cannot seem to connect to DSM 6 at all! No matter what I try... I have 3 LAN ports, 1 of them is an onboard Realtek port and the other 2 ports are from an Intel PCIe card. ...don't know if this matters. My Xpenology is Intel based btw. Also I can ping my Xpenology, but cannot connect to it through
  10. Hi guys, I have quick question and I need your advice. After 3 years I am going to replace my current harddisk in my XPEnology system. Currently I am running 6x 2TB harddisks in RAID 10. Now I am going to replace these harddisks with 4x 4TB in RAID 10. I am wondering what's the best approach to replace the harddisks without losing settings and contents obviously? I was thinking about copying everything over to a few external harddisk I have still lying around. Or should I use the backup function from within Synology to create backup of everything and store it on external har
  11. Thanks for replying freddan83. Yeah, noticed it a bit later when I was connected through terminal. Weird though that it keeps copying the folder over and over to my Windows machine. But I am glad there is no bug. Thank you once again.
  12. Hi guys, I bumped into something the other day, when I was making a backup of my @appstore. In the MariaDB folder under 'usr' I have several bin folders. Like this: This goes on and on probably, but I hit a limit (on Windows, when transfering the files to my PC). The files under all the bin folders are the same. On my Windows PC I checked how much space it was using: 1.81 GB. But that's because it hit the limit on my PC, maybe on the NAS it's even worse? Now as for my questions; 1. Is it safe to remove the 2nd bin folder in bin? So delete the folder (and ofcourse subf
  13. Well since I hardly received answers (except for brantje) I decided to go in kamikaze style! Downgraded again, but this time from 5644 back to 5022. Changed VERSION, then rebooted, did install/upgreage and and ran 5022 upgrade. Rebooted. Samba not working, but apparently this is normal. Enabled it and noticed straight away that everything else was working also again. Even after reboots. Will run the other upgrades now in series, skipping the patch versions (hopefully). And after I am done I hope that everything works as it should. //update 1 Currently updating to DSM 5.2-5592
  14. Thanks brantje for taking the time to answer. Yeah, I am starting to think this wasn't caused by the update. Apparently you think the same, I guess. So if I create a VM with xpenology, what config files do I need to check? Though I have been using xponology for 2+ years, I never had to do this before. So not experienced with it.
  15. I checked the logs, as far as I can with my limited knowledge and found this. Don't know if it's useful. Also I am wondering if this even related to the update?
  16. Bleh... Think I now totally fooked up. I changed the VERSION file, to the old version, then ran DSM 5.2-5644 (28.10.15) update and rebooted, but now I can't access anything anymore. No DSM, no SSH, no nothing. Great. //edit Nevermind the above, I can access DSM again (after several reboots). And it says "DSM 5.2-5644" (not 1). Anyways, still that Web Station message and NFS, SAMBA aren't working. If anyone has an idea, let me know. I am going to sleep. Thank you in advance. //small update Well apparently I can play movies from my Kodi machine from my NAS through NF
  17. Thanks for replying djf. I checked the cables, but while doing so, I thought that it couldn't be the problem, because I can connect to DSM interface. :S But I checked the cables, it isn't the problem. I noticed another issue; I cannot connect to SSH, unless I disable and re-enable SSH-service. Than it works. Sigh. ...I wish I didn't run this stupid update, or read the warning post earlier. Anyone else has an idea? Downgrading isn't possible I presume? //another update Noticed something else... In DSM's 'Infocenter' the following are set to 'minus' (if I hover it, it say
  18. Hi guys, Unfortunately, I read the warning post a bit late. :S I was still on 5.2-5592 and decided to update my NAS (should have postponed it, I know). First I downloaded the DS3615xs 5.2-5644.1 x64 image and wrote it on my USB stick. After that I booted up my NAS and installed first: DSM 5.2-5644 (28.10.15) Installation went fine and after a few reboots it was up. Then I downloaded: DSM 5.2-5644 Update-1 Installation went fine and after a few reboot it also came up. However the only and main issue I have are: 1. I get the message "Web Station Service" cannot be star
  19. Sorry to ask this question here, but the site I used to go for tutorials and stuff ceased to exist. I am currently running: DSM 5.1-5022 Update 2 I think I need to update the image on my USB stick and than download the latest version and just update, right? No special requirements? Thank you and sorry for bothering.
  20. Ah yes, back to square one then. I wanted to use the USB stick for the logfiles, so I can hibernate the harddisks. Now it access the harddisks, so they NEVER hibernate. That's the whole reason I wanted the logfiles on the USB stick in the first place. :S
  21. Sorry, but I thought using an USB stick for the logfiles was the correct way to go? Anyways I edited the config files back to volume1/etc... because it wasn't working from the USB stick. Couchpotato was giving the most problems. And what do you mean with "use drive based volume"...? Sorry for my ignorance, but I am pretty to new to Synology.
  22. Okay, I installed a second USB stick for my logfiles from sabnzbd, sickbeard, couchpotato and auto-sub. All works well until I reboot my machine. Then the applications won't start again and I must activate them by hand / manual. I think the problem is, is that the applications like sabnzbd, sickbeard, etc. start to quickly before the USB stick is initialized. Therefor it cannot read / create the necessary directories. If I enable the apps manualy after a few seconds it works without any problems. Anyone has an idea on how to solve this? Or a workaround? Thank you!
  23. Thank you, this is what I meant. And I did mention a 2nd USB stick, which will be 64 GB which will ONLY be used for the logfiles, as I mentioned.
  24. Thats weird. When I select to store my log-files on a (2nd) USB stick, it actually does write the log files on it. So maybe indeed a misunderstanding.