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  1. But, if I do that; I can visit SABnzbd when typing in my browser ip-address:8080?
  2. Okay, I created a docker-compose.yml (seems indeed pretty easy) with the following: version: "2.1" services: sabnzbd: image: ghcr.io/linuxserver/sabnzbd container_name: SABnzbd environment: - PUID=1028 - PGID=100 - TZ=Europe/Amsterdam volumes: - /volume1/docker:/config - /volume1/DiskStation/Downloads/complete:/downloads - /volume1/DiskStation/Downloads/temp:/incomplete-downloads ports: - 44100:12025 restart: unless-stopped However, when I run it, I noticed straight away the following again: 2021-02-23 09:17
  3. Hi Dfds, Thank you for responding, but now (for me at least) where do I add that exactly. I did read something about it, but I have no idea where to exactly add that to be honest. I did search XPEnology NAS for something like that (to add it), but could not find it. My previous build didn't use Docker at all (installed it from packages back then). I upgraded the old DSM 5.x to DSM 6.x about 2 years ago and decided to finally upgrade everything (in terms of hardware) and redo my complete setup agian, but this time with Docker. Sorry for my ignorance. Regards, HHawk
  4. Hi all, Been busy with this from early this morning; long story short, I managed to setup SABnzbd, Sonarr, Radarr and got them working. I could change the default ports for Sonarr and Radarr without any issues... These are all running from a XPEnology NAS with Docker. However changing the default port for SABnzbd (from 8080 to something like 13502) is becoming a real pain. Every single time I change it to a different port and restart, reboot, whatever. It will go back to port 8080. I have no clue how to force a different port. I tried a ton of things including editing the sabnzbd
  5. Thank you flyride also for your reply. Might look into a lowest "K" CPU and undervolt it. One more silly question. Will any of the processors mentioned by you be faster than my current: Intel Core i3-4130 I know it has less cores (only 2 cores), but has 4 threads but I don't the threads are used in XPEnology? Is this correct? Also the Intel Core i3-4130 has a base speed of 3,4 GHz, though this is advertised in my XPEnology as 3.7 Ghz. Wrong? Maybe this is incorrect, however it *might* be that I overclocked it a little back in the day. The current setup is (I guess) 2 years old. I
  6. Thank you for your input. Highly appreciated. I will the information to good use.
  7. Error... Posted another CPU but without GPU.
  8. Due to personal circumstances, I was not able to build my new NAS. However I am out of the hospital and finally can restart this. I am ditching the RAID controller, as I will be using the onboard SATA controller. The only debate I have now is which processor to choose. Currently I have a Intel Core i3-4360 in my current NAS. I am looking for something more powerful which uses 1151 socket. I also did some reading on the forums. However I need some more information on things; I believe the maximum CPU cores is limited to 8 Threading is not supported by XPEnology Inte
  9. I gave up getting this to run (either version) on either test server (R410/R710). For some reason I am unable to find the Synology. No matter what I try. I even tried different USB sticks now as a last resort, but no luck.
  10. Well retrying both again on a R710. Which uses Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5709 Gigabit Ethernet (4 ports). This NIC is supported by both loaders, but still, the same issue. No IP, so I cannot find the Synology to install. Also tried both UEFI and Legacy BIOS, but no cigar. Strange...
  11. Okay just a follow up. I have just tried 3615, but the exact same issue. It cannot find the Synology to install. :S I will retry a few more things. But I have no clue what is wrong. Did all the necessary steps in grub.cfg. Also with 3615 the R410 does not show up as it is having an IP assigned in the router. But when I boot the same machine to (for example) Parted Magic, it receives an (dedicated) IP.
  12. @A__C Thank you for responding. Highly appreciated. The reason why I was testing 918 is because of the RAID controllers. I wanted to test it to see if they were "accepted" without errors... So probably the reason is the hardware is to old? :S I have not ordered the rest of the hardware, because I wanted to make sure it would run. Sidenote; if I would order SAS to SATA adapters; in the worst case scenario, I would still be able to run it from the (new) motherboard's onboard SATA controller, right?
  13. Okay... I decided to test a few things first, but I cannot even find my Synology, so I cannot install it at all. What I tried so far. General information: Next I followed the available tutorial for installing DS918, so I did all the USB things correctly, like setting up USB VID en PID (double checked). I also looked up both MAC addresses for the onboad LAN ports (double checked). I also tried an older single port PCIe Intel NIC I had laying around (again made sure that I have the correct MAC address). I generated a new serial for DS916+, as there is no generator for the DS9
  14. Hi flyride, Thank you for your detailed information/answer. I have succesfully flashed the Supermicro HBA AOC-S3008L-L8e card to a "general" LSI 9300-8i following this tutorial. Unfortunately I cannot test it at the moment. But I will try next week, before I purchase all other hardware. Maybe I will succeed? Hopefully! * crossing fingers *
  15. Hi flyride! I checked your .xls file (many thanks for that) and I have a question. I noticed the following: Not the last line in bold, please. I am planning to do a new build, as described here. However I will be using a "Supermicro HBA AOC-S3008L-L8e" RAID controller card. This is based upon LSA SAS 3008 chipset (which is supported apparently according to your .xls). Will this work with DSM 6.2.1 and DS3615? I already asked for including the drivers here, however I understand now this is not possible anymore with DSM 6.2.1? Thanks in advance. Regards