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  1. Thanks alot for the help!
  2. Got it working! - Thanks!
  3. This is my output... looks like a kernel panic?
  4. yea i noticed i had incorrect due to the xs and xs+... i have updated my previous post... any idea to the new situation/issue?
  5. Okay so now DSM is installed. And after it was installed it was rebooting and the 10 min timer started... however after i'm not able to discover the DSM again... any clues?
  6. it looked like it worked when i removed the comma sign and also switched up to the new usb args parameters... it was found at find.synology.com... however when trying to install latest DSM DSM_RS3617xs+_24922.pat from the internet and after the installation was done and had to reboot it... it was no longer booting up... So i trought maybe it was too recent of a version, so i wanted to reinstall/reconfigure.. with a different DSM version.. but i was no longer able to find it find.synology.com... i have since then deleted the VM and re-created the VM again however... no i'm no longer able to fi
  7. Here is both qm showcmd & qm config root@hme:/etc/pve/qemu-server# qm showcmd 100 /usr/bin/kvm -id 100 -name Xpen -chardev 'socket,id=qmp,path=/var/run/qemu-server/100.qmp,server,nowait' -mon 'chardev=qmp,mode=control' -chardev 'socket,id=qmp-event,path=/var/run/qmeventd.sock,reconnect=5' -mon 'chardev=qmp-event,mode=control' -pidfile /var/run/qemu-server/100.pid -daemonize -smbios 'type=1,uuid=b33d562a-e763-49d6-9e4f-d09f682736c0' -smp '4,sockets=1,cores=4,maxcpus=4' -nodefaults -boot 'menu=on,strict=on,reboot-timeout=1000,splash=/usr/share/qemu-server/bootsplash.jpg'
  8. Thanks.. However unable to start my VM now due to the following error seems to be related to the lines i added to args... -netdev type=tap,id=net0,ifname=tap100i0 -device e1000e,mac=4A:8F:A6:BE:0A:77,netdev=net0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x12,id=net0,bootindex=200 Task viewer: VM 100 - Start OutputStatus Stop kvm: type=tap,id=net0,ifname=tap100i0: Could not open 'type=tap,id=net0,ifname=tap100i0': No such file or directory TASK ERROR: start failed: command '/usr/bin/kvm -id 100 -name Xpen -chardev 'socket,id=qmp,path=/var/ru
  9. seems i have some kind of issues... won't continue from here and also going to find.synology.com also can't find anything Proxmox version 6.0.4
  10. Hi Everyone! New to Xpenology here! My goal is to have xpenology installed in a VM in proxmox with 5x8TB DISKs to host all my media content that my PLEX server has which i got on some random server in the cloud at the moment.. including running some other VM's not related to xpenology... Hardware that i got is a Ryzen 1700 cpu, with 16gb ram ( so far ) and the 5x8TB disks... I have a bit of a hard time figuring out what a loader is and which one to select?? and also the different versions there is compared to the different models that exists...