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  1. psychodracon

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Is there any way to enable intel_pstate driver for G4560? Currently my scaling_driver is set to acp-cpufreq and CPU is running maximum frequency all the time.
  2. I have already read that and it appears that my NAS should be able to hibernate without problem, unfortunately even hdd hibernating is not working, nevertheless thank You very much for suggestion.
  3. Unfortunately it is not working, i`m not sure what process is writing on that disk but i`m sure that it has something to do with journaling.
  4. I`m using MSI B250M Mortar, Intel Pentium G4560T, 8GB RAM, 1x SSD Plextor M5S 128gb, 1x Toshiba P300 1TB with DS918+ 1.04b loader and DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4.
  5. Have anybody any idea? I`m struggling with this for a long time.
  6. Hi all, I`ve read lot of topics here and there, and i`m still not able to make my hdd go sleep/standby. I have two disks in my NAS build. One of them is 128GB SSD, where i`ve installed DSM at the begining and i`m using it as Volume1 (every package is installed there). Then i`ve connected second disk (1TB HDD) and i`ve created Volume2, which i`m using as storage for my music/movies/photos. I`m aware of that DSM is installing itself on every connected disk to machine. I`m accessing Volume2 occasionally, but HDD is never sleeping, it is always active/idle. I`ve tried to change disk settings using hdparm but i can`t see no difference. When I try to use "hdparm -Y /dev/sdc" command, disk is waking up after few seconds. Additionaly when i use dstat to track disk IO i can see that every 60 seconds (or something like that) some process is writing 4096b to disk. Do you have any ideas what is the problem?
  7. Hello, sorry for digging this, but have you any news about your problem? I just recently bought G4560 with MSI B250M Mortar and i wanted to ask how it behaves with XPEnology.