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  1. I have an E5-2670 v1 (sandy Bridge EP) now with 1.03b loader DS3617xs runs good on DSM 6.2.3-25426 On a ESXi 7.0b host.
  2. Its emulating the ds3617xs trough jun v1.03 with the vmware/ESXi option as boot And i already fixed the cpu showing it shows the correct cpu it setup in dutch so do mind the dutch texts thats what info center shows. and that is the real cpu in the ESXi host CPU Specifications # of Cores8 # of Threads16 Processor Base Frequency2.60 GHz Max Turbo Frequency3.30 GHz Cache those are the core specs of that cpu
  3. Hi i have a running DSM 6.2.3-25426 vm in my ESXi 7.0 box Have tried multiple diffrent setups to get DSM showing it has 8core and 16 treads but it keeps showing 8 Cores (4 CPUs/2 Cores | 8 Threads) Any one has this figured out
  4. Yes it is posible to have xpenology on ESXI , as a matter of fact i hae it running on a ESXi 7.0 host Runs quite well, but stay away from the vmware tools for package i see high memory usage with it installed contatnly at 75-80% of the 16GB i have alloated to it
  5. cant we try to pass the nvidia dedicated gpu dev ids trough in an extra driver for the jun loader and test it with passtrough of a gpu to see if that can make it work for transcoding as well
  6. This is not completly true synology has a specific NAS system the DS1419dva witch has an dedicated Nvidia gtx 1050ti in it And the have nvidia runtime packages available
  7. i got teh package to install but now when i start nvidia-smi it states NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running. and i cant get it to do it installed the NVIDIARuntimeLibrary-dva3219-1.0.1-0014.spk with the INFO file edited to show no model Copied the .ko files from the that was given in a previous post to the /usr/lib/modules/ and ran the insmod on all the .ko files but it gave back errors insmod /usr/lib/modules/nvidia.ko insmod: ERROR: could
  8. if i change the spk info with an editor like Notepad++ i get errors with unkown fileformat has any one got a working spk file for the DS3617xs I see that the 3617xs has an broadwell arch and not the denverton The 3617xs has an Xeon D cpu and the dva3219 has an atom based cpu i geus this wont even happen
  9. booth did not work initially, but after some thinkering got it to work no i am in the process of setting up external dsm access with my owm domain, quick connect wont work but so be it My config runs like a charm with a usb 3.0 controller passed trough its now copping back my backups of media and software
  10. I can even get the asistant the find my Xpenology It boots fine and shows the screen in attached screenshot But my Unifi network wont even pick up that its requesting an ip or even the Mac adress NIC is set to E1000 System specs Intel dual port GB nic ESXI 7.0 Intel Xeon E5 2670 64GB ECC DDR3 1333mhz 240GB SSD as boot and image ds1 2 2tb drives setup as separate data stores 4 3tb drives witch are not all seen as raw drive passtroughs can some one point me in a direction to get it working
  11. In the new Truenas CSM mode does not allow VNC binding
  12. Hi I have a Windows box that is running the following serives IIS Sonarr Radarr PLEX Media Server File host NZBGet Spotweb MySQL I had a synology nas before but that was not powerful enough to transcode 4K streams The system is build with following part Asus Prime B450M-K AMD Ryzen 5 3200G 1M.2 Samsung PM981 256GB 4x3TB WD RED drive non SMR verion and 16GB DDR 4 2666 Ram Can i run XPenology on this configuration and use the m.2 as a cache for the hdds and run all the services above at same time on
  13. then Xpenology it will not be, need the gpu for plex 4k transcodes. then off to free nas or baremetal hypervisors like unraid and proxmox
  14. Hi, I am lookin in to multiple osses for my nas system self build System is comprised of AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with Vega 4K capable gpu 16GB ddr4 ram Asus Prime B450K-M motherboard 4x3TB WD RED nas drives 256GB M.2 nvme samsung SSD Can i run Xpenology on this hardware, and if so is xpenology able to use the GPU in plex so it does nog have so the cpu has overhead for other tasks.
  15. Hello, I tried to install DSM 6.1.3 on my old Xeon Dell power edge server, All went fine up until i triend to create volumes om the drives connected to my Dell SAS 5/iR controller. I cant seem to find out why but during creation file station stops it self and then all the volumes and raid groups already created from disks that are not connectd tot the Dell SAS 5/iR controller disapear and i get an error message saying Abnormality detected on Xeon-Nas. All volumes have been unmounted. When i disconnect the sas controller and connect 2 of the 4 drive that where connected to it to the