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  1. Devo trovare un computer con Windows Però proverò: in effetti è un tentativo che non ho fatto e che vale la pena fare.
  2. Con la versione 1.01 sono riuscito a installare DSM 6.0.2. Poi ho provato a far partire il bootloader 1.02b ma non parte (pur impostando correttamente i dati di chiavetta USB e scheda di rete).
  3. You are using the original v1.02b, aren't you? There are no patches or tricks to make it works, apart from the information in the grub.cfg file, right?
  4. Already tried: I've changed both the USB stick and the USB port on the server (using an external one). It's so disappointing! If I use the same stick with the old img using the same configuration everything works well
  5. Yes, I double checked and they are the correct. The Mac address is correct, too. I only have a doubt on the serial number: I used one found around on the web. How can I set it correctly?
  6. Now I cannot reboot it because I'm copying some files. Is there a way to get this information from the interface?
  7. It does not work After booting it, the DiskStation is not appearing on the SynologyAssistant. Are you sure I can use the v1.02b as is?
  8. Is it compatible with AMD? For what I understand, the only version compatible with AMD is JunsMod102a-test-NICadd (that should work with DSM 6.1).
  9. I need to buy one, and I can do it. The weird thing is that I can boot without any problem using the old Jun loader. How this can be explained? Is it normal that a change in the bootloader will result in a change in how it can recognise the ethernet chip?
  10. Do you mean install a physical new Ethernet card, a PCI one?
  11. Already done (you mean C1E, don't you?)
  12. I forgot to thank you Unfortunately, I could not load it into my N36L.
  13. Does anyone install the 6.1.3 update 4 on a N36L? I tried the JunsMod102a-test-NICadd loader, but I cannot see the device with the Synology Assistant. For now, I'm stuck at 6.0.2-8451. Thanks!
  14. The link to JunsMod102a-test-NICadd.img seems down. Does anyone have it and can upload it again anywhere?
  15. Buondì, qualcuno è riuscito a installare DSM >= 6.1 su HP MicroServer? Io ho fatto varie prove (anche modificando la chiavetta secondo quanto suggerito da Jun), ma senza successo. In pratica riesco a far partire la chiavetta (modificando la zImage), ma poi non lo trovo con l'Assistant. Qui c'è il tutorial: Il terzo post (di Jun) è quello che spiega come aggiornare su AMD. Grazie!