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  1. Nice, thanks! I didn’t read that before. Also, software wise, is there a major difference between 6.1.7 and 6.2?
  2. I've read 6.2.2 won't work with realtek nic, and I don't plan buying another pcie nic. Should 6.2 work fine with the realtek? Is it worth the upgrade? Using a i3-2120 with a realtek 8111f nic. Thank you
  3. Good. Thanks! I already have a machine, but being a socket 775 xeon are quite cheap and I was wandering if it was worth it
  4. Hi, everybody speaks about performance when using plex or similar, but if I only use my xpeno build as storage, does a xeon make any difference over a dual core? thanks!
  5. I don’t understand what happened, but it works again. I already tried to reset the bios and flash again the image with no luck. Yesterday I used the 916+ image with no success (kernel panic) and just after this, the 3615xs worked again with the same drive... Everything working fine again, with the last update. thanks to all!
  6. Sorry again. I’ve just realised how bad I wrote the first message... It boots fine, shows grub and as soon as you pick any option it shows the text on the screen (this screen will stop soon, blablabla) as normal but anything through the serial console, when it used to output everything. I’ve been using the same usb on the same computer for a while, thats why I don’t understand whats happening. I’ll take the last drive I added (not initialised yet) and try again everything. So far, I don’t understand why 1.01 works and 1.02b not...
  7. Sorry I forgot to mention that, I already tried different USB ports and my pc doesn boots uefi. Its weird that 1.01 boots with serial output and 1.02b not...
  8. Hi, after a few months using penology, a really strange thing happened, now the 1.02b refuses to boot at all, I can't even get any info through the console output. (bare metal vaster 230 install). Everything stops after I select the bare metal boot option on grub. The computer is fine, I booted GParted and everything shows fine, also with the 1.01 boot loader also works fine... Any clue on what can happen? I took hdd out, formatted them, everything is wiped clean. Tried different usb sticks... Thank you!
  9. An absolute success! @IG-88. 6.1.3 works perfectly again!
  10. Not through the serial port, I'll try again with a fresh 1.02b image with no changes.
  11. @IG-88 I've tried with the extra v3 and it doesn't works, now it stops to output through the serial port just after the grub screen.
  12. @IG-88 i compiled the modules with the last kernel, I'm getting the same error
  13. synology stripe comments and replace ifdefs to meaningless myabc in the kernel source,i believe that is the cause of the incompatibility I compiled and tried the new modules for tg3, and still the same issue. I don't have many skills coding, I don't know how to find or fix the issue. Thanks for you hard work!
  14. Good news! I've just compiled the new drivers for tg3, it seems they updated it. I will test tonight.
  15. I followed your steps in the guide, still no luck. I'm struggling to compile the tg3 drivers from the file you linked. If someone with more compiling skills than me know how to compile them, will be really helpful. thanks
  16. any luck with the compilation of this extra.lzma? Thanks! @IG-88
  17. Its a Dell Vostro 230 Slim (48.3b101 mobo) network card Broadcom 57788 In the website they have this: Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller, v.12.2.51, A00 BACS driver Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller, v.12.2a.4.1, A00 LOM drivers Thanks
  18. Can this be fixed? It seems a popular issue among the users. Thanks for your work!
  19. @Polanskiman @IG-88 any clue on this? Can it be the reason to all the people not seeing the DSM login screen with 1.02b? Thank you
  20. Hi, I've been trying to get 1.02b baremetal working but without any luck. Through serial the boot process shows this: :: Loading module tg3[ 7.189291] tg3 0000:02:00.0: Problem fetching invariants of chip, aborting ... [ OK ] Any idea? Thank you!
  21. Thank you, sorry about the off-topic. I'll go to a new thread if needed.
  22. Still not able to get anything. I'm not getting anything through the serial interface. Everything works, I've tried with a switch and I can work fine. The adapter is male, so I'm using a female-female adapter to plug it, can it be the problem? Does something needs to be enabled in grub?
  23. Thank you! I'll get the log files to see why 1.02b doesnt works
  24. I know how to use the adapter, I was asking about the settings needed to connect.