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  1. Is it possible to use the working 7.x redpill boot loader to downgrade to 6.2.4? I'm missing USB Audio and I plan to downgrade but I don't know if another specific 6.2.4 boot loader is needed. I would expect it can be done with the current working DSM 7 USB booter right?
  2. I don't know. I encountered the DSM 7.0 no more USB Audio issue after I upgraded. I read that Synology removed these USB Sound drivers but also the drivers needed to connect an USB printer. So there is more removed. I think it's interesting to find out how to recover these feature but once again I'm a totally noob to this. I posted my question in this forum because also other missing drivers can be requested here.
  3. Anybody can fix USB support under DSM 7.0.1 I have an USB DAC which is used by Roon but it doesn't work anymore because ALSA are stripped. Anybody can help on this issue?
  4. Anybody knows if it is possible to add the ALSA drivers back into DSM 7.x? I have a Technics SU-G700 with an internal DAC which was connected to my NAS using USB audio within DSM 6.2.x Synology has abandoned USB audio support in DSM 7 but I tried VMs with mini linux distro's to reenable ALSA again but the USB virtualised is not usable for stream a DSD audio track. Much too slow.
  5. I have same issue. It doesn't wake up from the scheduler. The "advanced power manager for DSM7" (community add-on) won't help for wake (But it is very intelligent for shutdown though LOOK INTO IT). A possible solution is to program only the shutdown from the scheduler or "advanced power manager for DSM7". I think the wake-up time can be configured from the bios of your Asrock J5005 Mobo. If you want to overrule you can use WOL which works for me. With the Synology Assist first wait the NAS is booted and configure WOLs MAC address.
  6. It's fine. I have the same. 6SATA 4TBs in SHR active but the graph shows only 4 but that's also the graph presenting a DS 918+
  7. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 - Loader version and model: RedPill DS918+ v7.0.1-42218 Beta - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - i3-8300 (reported as j3455) / Asrock H370M + 6xSATA / 8GB / 2 x intel NICs (reported both as I211) - Additional comments: I think this is one of the most compatible worry free and cheapest setup you can build. Running 6X SATA -> 5X SHR 4TBs + 1 Basic (ssd), Both Nics are working, Scheduled Shutdown & Wake work, Transcoding works. Feel free to conta
  8. Hi awesome's. I managed to setup a baremetal 7.01 (DS-918) on a test disk. Everything is working fine and now I want to migrate 5X SATA 4TBs in SHR from 6.2.3 latest to this 7.0.1 My plan is to start the NAS with the new USB booter (which works on test disk) and boot it. If its correct Synology Assistant will allow me to connect and migrate the NAS. Although I have backups I like to know if I have to take extra precautions? 2nd Noob questions. Will this USB 7.0.1 booter keep working in following releases or do I have to recompile everytime a new one?
  9. Yes I encountered that too in the past with RAW device mapping / Mapping disks straight to the VM instead of using the datastore which can't be used sometimes for various reasons. Don't know if this is still an issue... lets find out ... it looks that if you use a recent ESXi you don't have a 2TB limit but a 62 / 64TB limit. You can find out. Just install esxi on another disk enable the current XPenology version as a VM and see if you can boot your Baremetal as VM which is a challenge.
  10. I Know. I won't use it on production. I just pullout the production discs and usb stick which I use now. I just want to see if I can manage to use (which is not Beta) will work. I will use new USB stick and New clean drive.
  11. it's harder than I thought. It looks that the toolchain process builds an image which won't work for me. If I download one in this threat it starts at least. Is there someone who can prepare / build a workable bare metal SynoBoot image file for ? CPU i3 8100 quad core Motherboard H370M with 6 Sata ports (all from intel chipset) 2 Intel NICs one = I219V and I211AT one of the two is working natively other is activated by a driver. Don't care if only one will work. Before I will use this on my production I will first try it on a single clean sata
  12. Hello Geniusses, I tried also to start investigating how I can upgrade my DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 bare metal server to 6.2.4 25556 and beyond. (For now I don't want to go to 7.xx) I did the following: Installed Debian 8.2.2004 in Parallels virtual environment with jq / curl and docker installed, Downloaded the "redpill-tool-chain_x86_64" (are there other versions? I downloaded from the link presented in this thread) chmod 777 to redpill_tool_chain.sh executed ./redpill_tool_chain.sh build apollolake-6.2.4-25556 -> Ok executed ./redpill_to