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  1. I Know. I won't use it on production. I just pullout the production discs and usb stick which I use now. I just want to see if I can manage to use (which is not Beta) will work. I will use new USB stick and New clean drive.
  2. it's harder than I thought. It looks that the toolchain process builds an image which won't work for me. If I download one in this threat it starts at least. Is there someone who can prepare / build a workable bare metal SynoBoot image file for ? CPU i3 8100 quad core Motherboard H370M with 6 Sata ports (all from intel chipset) 2 Intel NICs one = I219V and I211AT one of the two is working natively other is activated by a driver. Don't care if only one will work. Before I will use this on my production I will first try it on a single clean sata
  3. Hello Geniusses, I tried also to start investigating how I can upgrade my DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 bare metal server to 6.2.4 25556 and beyond. (For now I don't want to go to 7.xx) I did the following: Installed Debian 8.2.2004 in Parallels virtual environment with jq / curl and docker installed, Downloaded the "redpill-tool-chain_x86_64" (are there other versions? I downloaded from the link presented in this thread) chmod 777 to redpill_tool_chain.sh executed ./redpill_tool_chain.sh build apollolake-6.2.4-25556 -> Ok executed ./redpill_to
  4. @DreadnoughtThank you very much! I didn't have any problem to upgrade to 6.2.3-25426. I used the parallels VM to test some storage upgrade / migrate scenarios. The only thing I have right now is that the VM complaints about an access error for disk1 which holds the synoboot.hdd Any idea how to fix this? ... I think I'm the Noob haha this is the reason why you can't go further than 6.2.2, 6.2.3 makes the SATA boot visible.
  5. Any positive update on the J3455 AsRock ? Thx
  6. What about this one? https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/704203/gigabyte-ga-h270n-wifi/specificaties/ 6 sata ports on an itx board. What would be the best CPU candidate with the dev/dri support? I think it will beat the performance of the j3455 on all points (6 disks, 2x intelNICs) with indeed a little more power consumption. But who cares with solar panels
  7. Ideasman, Is this just internal read and copy from the raid5 array? Maybe it has to do with the way memory caching is handled. Maybe write cache is enabled in the below version.
  8. Ah so my setup with jbod and a camera stream without lacp with a sustained throughput of 113MB is actually a very good result? It is more reasonable to think that it can be tuned with the intel NIC settings such as tcp offloading etc. My reply maybe to serious, was made because I don’t see the real benefit to go for lacp in a private setup. Simultaneous writes from different processes are killing for spinning disks anyway. The max. IOPs per disk is 100 so you will reach this quite soon. I think if you make two pools with 2 disks and you write to two different pools you will sustai
  9. I had same experience. I'm interested if someone knows how this works on a real 918+ anyway.
  10. Yes and LACP is crying out with 10Gbit, read please ... JBOD with 3 old disks... so we have a bottleneck here. And although its a little offtopic as is it concerns to LACP, as far as I know, its MAC address / session based. So you can hook up 2 NICs and bond them together with LACP but what about the other side ... the one PC you are working on is connected with 1Gbit? Even when the PC is hooked up with LACP too I don't think it wil utilise the 2Gbit bandwidth whit that nas. Only initiating two transfers simultaneously maybe. Maybe its much improved but that's what I understood in the past.
  11. Yes we too ... lol but thanks for your effort. I'm confident that sooner or later it will be added. You forgot to mention what the performance is while streaming 4K content to a mobile device. That makes more sense using your nas for this usage compared to offline convert HEVC / 4K / h265 content to FullHD or so. For that usecase I have a i7 8700K running macOS (hackintosh) with Davinci Resolve and RX Vega64. Nothing beats that speed. I was really interested in the streaming usage. I have some 4K content but in most cases I can't view it because my wifi is not capable to stream that speed sust
  12. Thats steady no-nonsense NAS performance limit of my JBOD pool of 3 old disks
  13. I recommend to pick an intel desktop GB adapter. It's native supported and much more reliable then realtek crap and its costs as little as 5 beers..