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  1. I have ds3615 6.2.4 running on Proxmox, great job ThorGroup. I suppose that if I add the drivers *.ko in the EXT folder of the bootloader generator and I build a new image, I could use in a Baramental server, isn't it? or I'm wrong.
  2. I've installed on Debian 8 extraoficial the jq 1.5 , it's working. Thank you loomes. I've used the following: wget https://github.com/stedolan/jq/releases/download/jq-1.5/jq-linux64 chmod +x jq-linux64 mv jq-linux64 $(which jq)
  3. I have the following What could be the correct one? Thank you in advance loomes
  4. Hi, I'm trying to compile the bootloader for DS3615, I've created the redpill.ko and put on the specific folder with the correct name. But when I execute the bootloader creation I've received the following error, error about keys_unsorted.... Do you know how could I fix the problem? thank you in advance
  5. Yes, if you keep the disks order and keep the USB drive you should not have problems.
  6. https://x.x.x.x:5001 por ejemplo 10 Gb https://y.y.y.y:5001 por ejemplo 1 Gb
  7. estas mezclando cosas. Cada tarjeta puede tener una ip diferente no afecta la Mac, si defines otra ip a la targeta de 1 g y te conectas a la nas a traves de esa ip irás a 1 g, si por el contrario te conectas por la IP asignada a la de 10 Gb iras a eso.
  8. Tienes que configurar una IP diferente a cada una de las tarjetas de red de la Xpeno. Si te conectas a ella por la IP que tiene el cable con conexión de 10 Gb iras a esa velocidad si el MAC esta conectado al swith de 10g tambien, si por el contrario te conectas a la IP del cable de 1 Gb irás a esa velocidad. La configuración esta en Panel de Control - red - Interfaz de red (si no configuras ninguna ip fija, en esta pantalla puedes ver que ip tiene cada tarjeta y utilizar esas ips para conectarte a la Xpeno) doy por sentado que en tu xpeno tienes una targeta de red de 10
  9. no hay un bootloader compatible con al version DSM 7
  10. Tenia el mismo problema con la version 6.1.7 y realizando los cambios siguientes se soluciona el problema del registro en Let's Encrypt Synology DSM 6.1 (xpenology) Lets Encrypt ACMEv1 to ACMEv2 If you get messages like: synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Certificate.LetsEncrypt_1_create[5038]: certificate.cpp:957 syno-letsencrypt failed. 200 [new-req, unexpect httpcode] synoscgi_SYNO.Core.Certificate.LetsEncrypt_1_create[5038]: certificate.cpp:1359 Failed to create Let'sEncrypt certificate. [200][new-req, unexpect httpcode] Then you need to upgrade your DSM up to version 6.2 o
  11. if you migrate your N40L from DS3617xs to DS3615 (Bromolow) you can use PHPVirtualbox to run vms. Like Dfds says with your processor the VMM not works.
  12. Open the smb ports directly to internet like flyride says it's very very bad idea, the only that you can find is to lost all your data. If you set up the VPN with your brother all the shared folders that you have available in your NAS he will have access if you grant him rights.
  13. Thank you Seba76! The last release update of the PhpVirtualbox4dsm version 6.1.4 is working completely, currently it's fixed the problem of the USB assigment. Releases · seba76/phpvirtualbox4dsm · GitHub Release Virtualbox 6.1.4 for Synology DSM 6.2.x · seba76/virtualbox4dsm · GitHub