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  1. Sorry for the late answer. I m still running 6.1.x.... In November I took the latest loader from the link list: And I double checked it again - it was 1.03b That I used - the file is still on my computer. Right, in some kind I was in the wrong sub topic regarding the version - but the fault was the same. Nevertheless I remain sticking to 6.1. as long as possible, perhaps some day a new loader is available. And I am aware that this Xpenology porject is a project of voltuneers ...
  2. Have you solved it? I 'm facing the same issues. Either it is telling me that the file ist corrupted or if I have a working file the server isn't reachable (no dhcp request) after the reboot.
  3. valix

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I didn't mean only 918p. The same issue appears when also trying Jun's Bootloader 1.03b for 3615xs + DSM6.2 or Jun's Bootloader 1.03b for 3617xs on Ivy Bridge. I deleted after each test the partitions to show "new" disks to the installations process. After installation of DSM (downloading + exctraction+reboot) the device was always dead, as already described to 918, but I faced this issue with both other loaders... I wouldn't use "any" if I would mean the specific 918, but I did mean "any".
  4. valix

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I tried also to run anyhow 6.2 with any bootloader that are offered, it seems any hardware older than Haswell isn't supported *). Could anyone confirm? Does anybody know if it is a bootloader or DSM issue? *) as many reported after DSM 6.2 is loaded to the NAS it doesn't show up in the network any more - no ping, no anything. Deleting the DSM partitions made it possible to rediscover the same behaviour with all bootloaders. My test hw is a HP Microserver Gen8.
  5. NAS 1: Loader: Jun's 1.02b 3615xs Platform: Fujitsu D3417-B Mainboard w/ Intel Xeon E3-1220v5 (instead of a former used Pentium G4400) , Intel C236 Chipset, 8 GB Kingston DDR4 ECC RAM DSM: 6.1.6 UP1 SATA: intel C236 (onboard) LAN: Intel i219LM HDD: 3x 8 TB Seagate Ironwolf grub.cfg: Increased S/N and MAC by "1", because I've 2 Xpenology systems in the same subnet and changed USB Drive VID and PID. NAS 2 (Backup): Loader: Jun's 1.02b 3615xs Platform: HPE Microserver Gen 8, 4 +8 GB ECC DDR3 Kingston RAM, Intel C204 Chipset DSM: 6.1.6 UP1 SATA: P Dynamic Smart Array B120i as simple S-ATA controller - no HW-RAID function. (SW-)RAID is managed by DSM. LAN: 2x NC332i Broadcom BCM5720 HDD: 4x 6 TB Seagate Ironwolf grub.cfg: no changes.
  6. DS3615xs Jun's Mod V1.02b HP Gen8 From 6.1.3-15152 Update 8 -> 6.1.4 -> Fail 1. Boot -> no reaction -> hard off 2. Boot it is pingable, but SW need to be reinstalled (migration Wizzard apears) Saved by the bell, it was the backup / test system I tried first....
  7. valix

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    @ jun Links are still dead.
  8. As usual: It depends. First, DSM does not benefit of hw accelartion of the gpu. That means everything is de-/en-/transcoded by the cpu. The CPU is qiet weak, but low resolution and low bitrade transcoding would be possible I guess. To compare, I had run a athlon 5350, that have the double of cores and a little highe frequency and transcoding of a 720p TV stream to 600p + 1500kbps causes 60-80% CPU load. A SD TV stream only 30 to 50 %. I doubt that a E-350 would get along with HD-video. I wouldn't concern the disk array speed, every low budget hardware is able to bring gigabit ethernet to its limits.
  9. Nope. Migrationen funktieren da eigentlich nur innerhalb eines OS. OMV ist ein andere OS als Xpenology. DSM spricht die Platten auch anderes an. Bei Xpenology wir keine dedizierte OS-Platte benutzt, sondern die vorhandenen Disks paritioniert. Für das OS selbst sind da 2? GB und der Rest mehr oder weniger dann der NAS-Speicher selbst. Da du Xpenoboot auf den USB-Stick flashen musst, kannst du höchstens hinterher kannst du zwar nachträglich an der Partition (~20 MB) herumspielen und kannst denke ich weiter Bootoptionen hinzufügen, sofern OMV Grub benutzt. Ich halte es aber für keine gute Idee beides irgendwie parallel zu betreiben. Wenn du dir Xpenology anschauen willst, teste es doch in einer VM.
  10. For building a kernel I found that page, but I'm not sure if it still works with DSM 5.x, cause the step-by-step is quiet old. And for installing kernel modules: ... 0-dsm-4-1/ I haven't tried both yet. Honestly, I wait for Xpenboot 5.2 and will see how my hardware will work. I still can try to add kernel modules later
  11. If I understood correctly, you meant the a linux driver of that stick provided by the vendor? - No there is no linux driver, that could be patched to the kernel. Which way would be the most easiest: - To patch all needed modules (em28xx, em28178, usbcore, i2c-9, DVB,usb 2-1)? - upgrade the Xpenobootkernel somehow to kernel 3.14 or later? For both I would need a very good tutorial, because I never did that before. I saw this tut, but I don't know how to adjust the process to Xpenoboot USB-Bootstick (How could I generally add drivers to Xpenoboot?)〈=en and
  12. Hi, for XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3 I miss driver support for Pinnacle PCTV DVB-S2 Stick (461e). Out-of-the-box support is impleented since Kernel 3.14, but Xpenoboot/DSM x64 still uses older kernel 3.1?). Therefore the manufacturer doesn't offer modules. I guess all needed information can be find there: ... %28461e%29 Since is gone, is this the right thread to place a driver request for 5.1? In 5.0 the TV-Stick works fine. Or could someone tell me, where to find a very good tut to compile the modules m self to Xpenoboot? And what else I would need to do that.
  13. Hi there! I post this in the international section trusting that I would find the most readers and would potentially get the best result. I'm running DSM 5.0-4528 Update 2 on a AMD Athlon 5350 + ASrock AM1H-ITX. Randomly all my Windows clients (7 to 8.1) lose their connection to the Samba share at the same time. None of them is able to reconnect. The workaround is to restart samba. That happens once a day or more often. Therefore I guess the fault is on my xpenology NAS. Unfortunatly I see nothing in the log files (log.smbd and log. nmbd) that indicates anything. Two things are strange, on the one hand there is this type of message permantently in the log: "smbd/server.c:1114: [2015/03/30 19:37:47.249059, all 0, pid=1151] main standard input is not a socket, assuming -D option" and on the other, everytime I start samba, I get the message in the CLI (putty), that "samba is not configured for running". Despite the message it works. This is already the second try to get Samba running. I'm not sure if this may cause that fault. I already reinstalled DSM, first for some days it seemed to work, but it figured out that it didn't. Nothing has changed, no new or updated package or DS, no config changes. Meanwhile I change the config, because the NAS is planned to be a WINS server, but the fault was there before and after that single change. Thanks!
  14. Hallo, da nun schon des zweite Update für das Bootimage XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.2 draußen ist, habe ich mal von 5.0 auf 5.1 geupgraded (mit DSM 5.1 - 5022 Update 2). Alles gut nur funktionieren zwei Sachen nicht: - Openvpn - Server öffnet laut netstat keinen Port, ist also nicht im Listening, ich kann mich auch nicht verbinden, kann mich nicht innerhalb des LANs verbinden - Es wird mein PCTV 461e DVB-S Stick nicht erkannt, also auch nicht unter "Info-Center" -> "Allgemein" -> "Externe Geräte". Ich habe schon alle USB-Ports (2.0 und 3.0) erfolglos getestet. Esteres wird absehbar durch eine Fritbox abgelöst, aber das mit dem Stick macht mir eher Sorgen, da ich das ganze also PVR nutze. Beides hat bis zum Update funktioniert. Da ich bei den Update auch die Disks getauscht habe, ist alles neu, also keine Migration. Hardware: Athlon 5350 + Asrock AM1H-ITX @ BIOS P2.50 4 GB RAM Crucial Ballistix ULV 1600 3x 5 TB Seagate Archive @ SHR PCTV 461e DVB-S Stick Hat jemand eine Idee?