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  1. You will need to start SSH and ESXi-Shell in the ESXi host (configuration tab), start the deamon and set the option to "start and stop with the host"
  2. I would also like to know how to use adblock to block the activation . tried "AdBlock" but no results
  3. thank you can you please tell me, what version is the beta version? -Roei
  4. Hi I used the XPEnology New Serial Generator ( and changed the SN. My env. is ESXi 6.0 and DSM 6.2 with 1.03b loader I still have an error, should I change the MAC too? -Roei
  5. Does anybody manage to run The New Active Backup suite? It requries activation, that fails (error 404) on 6.1.7 -Roei
  6. I have DSM 6.02 running under ESXi 6.0,never tried to upgrade to 6.1.x, after I saw that it become a brick (I even tried my self, I installed a test 6.0.2 and tried to upgrade). Now, after 1.0b released, is there a path to upgrade 6.02 to 6.12 on ESXi? -Roei
  7. Hi there I also tried to upgrade 6.0.2 to 6.1 on ESXi without sucess. As far as I know, it is impossible right now. -brauner Hi since you have the same environment setup like me (esxi 6.5) and tried with the latest loader too. May I ask you if you are able to migrate from 6.0.2 to 6.1? I tried with all 1.02 loaders now and after migration the VM is not visible anymore on the network. What I did is the following: - Installed xpenology 6.0.2 fresh on test environment, gave it the synoboot.img by adding the vmdk drive (which essentially is a link to the image file) and o
  8. OK, I got the ISO, how do I create a DSM under ESXi using this ISO?
  9. Hello can someone please help with Upgrading from 5.2 to 6 on ESXi environment. my current (5.2) boot loader is ISO -Roei
  10. brauner

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hello, I have an existing DSM 5.2-5967 running under ESXi, configured as following: CDROM (boot) - XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (ISO) # this is the boot image SSD Disk 0 - datastore1 # this is the disk that contain the ESXi datastore >>>datastore1 > Virtualdisk (20gb)- DSM 5.2-5967 installation # Synology DSM OS is installed in the ESXi datastore SATA Disk 1+2 (RDM) > Volume1 (RAID1) # these 2 physical disks attached as RDM, connected to the Sy
  11. brauner

    Working DSM 6

    Hello I managed to create a DSM6 under ESXi6 (using the OVF), but I am unable to add a drive for the volume. I use the free ESXi hypervisor with the free client. any tips? -Roei
  12. Hello, Please advice how to migrate from PC based XPEnology to VM based XPEnology under ESXi. My current setup is: Simple PC Disk #1 (compact flash disk - IDE adapter) > boot image Disk #2+#3 (2 Tera each) > DSM and 1 volume (Synology Hybrid RAID) The setup I wish to create: Simple PC >ESXi >>VM Guest >>> virtual disk #1 - boot image >>> disk #2 + #3 - connected to guest as RDM (raw device map) I will set the ESXi hypervison and guest, and I will create and modify the virtual disk for the image boot. The only thing that I need is a
  13. Why Converting XPEnoboot IMG to VMDK? Use the ISO file: 1. download the ISO file and put it in the datastore 2. attach the ISO to the CD/DVD drive 3. tick "connect at power on" 4. verify that the v.machine boot from CD/DVD first With this simple procedure, you can skip panja's steps 2 and 3
  14. I use similar configuration (but 2 CF cards) I use CF-IDE adapter with 2 slots ( ... 230ee448ed) In the first slot, 128 MB CF card for the boot In the second slot, 8 GB CF card for the DSM -Roei
  15. Thank you Do you have any instruction how to add the r8169.ko to the modules directory. I am not god in linux. My DSM installed on PC (with USB loader) I manage to copy the file to the usb stick (using the DSM gui), then went to the console and tried to copy from /volumeUSB2/usbshare/ to /lib/modules/, but got permission denied error. Update: managed to copy the .ko file to modules directory (using winscp). whats next? Update 2: OK, got it, install it and its working -Roei