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  1. I would also like to know how to use adblock to block the activation . tried "AdBlock" but no results
  2. thank you can you please tell me, what version is the beta version? -Roei
  3. Hi I used the XPEnology New Serial Generator ( and changed the SN. My env. is ESXi 6.0 and DSM 6.2 with 1.03b loader I still have an error, should I change the MAC too? -Roei
  4. Does anybody manage to run The New Active Backup suite? It requries activation, that fails (error 404) on 6.1.7 -Roei
  5. I have DSM 6.02 running under ESXi 6.0,never tried to upgrade to 6.1.x, after I saw that it become a brick (I even tried my self, I installed a test 6.0.2 and tried to upgrade). Now, after 1.0b released, is there a path to upgrade 6.02 to 6.12 on ESXi? -Roei
  6. Hi there I also tried to upgrade 6.0.2 to 6.1 on ESXi without sucess. As far as I know, it is impossible right now. -brauner Hi since you have the same environment setup like me (esxi 6.5) and tried with the latest loader too. May I ask you if you are able to migrate from 6.0.2 to 6.1? I tried with all 1.02 loaders now and after migration the VM is not visible anymore on the network. What I did is the following: - Installed xpenology 6.0.2 fresh on test environment, gave it the synoboot.img by adding the vmdk drive (which essentially is a link to the image file) and one additional drive all on scsi - edit grub file in image to have the mac1 address correct, nothing else Then I shut the vm down. Replaced the vmdk and image file with 6.1 loader 1.02a2. Edited grub file to match same mac1. Turned the VM back on. Got to the migration screen. Did migrate from ds3615 to ds3617 with keeping the data option. All went through without error. Then the assistant reboots and no xpenology anymore on the network. Synology assistant tool also does not find it anymore. I wonder if anybody made a successful migration on esxi, yet... Gesendet von meinem ONE A2003 mit Tapatalk
  7. OK, I got the ISO, how do I create a DSM under ESXi using this ISO?
  8. Hello can someone please help with Upgrading from 5.2 to 6 on ESXi environment. my current (5.2) boot loader is ISO -Roei
  9. brauner

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hello, I have an existing DSM 5.2-5967 running under ESXi, configured as following: CDROM (boot) - XPEnoboot 5.2-5967.1 (ISO) # this is the boot image SSD Disk 0 - datastore1 # this is the disk that contain the ESXi datastore >>>datastore1 > Virtualdisk (20gb)- DSM 5.2-5967 installation # Synology DSM OS is installed in the ESXi datastore SATA Disk 1+2 (RDM) > Volume1 (RAID1) # these 2 physical disks attached as RDM, connected to the Synology DSM, and configured as RAID1 - Volume1 now, I wish to take this configuration and migrate to 6.02 without loosing any data / settings. any idea? -Roei
  10. brauner

    Working DSM 6

    Hello I managed to create a DSM6 under ESXi6 (using the OVF), but I am unable to add a drive for the volume. I use the free ESXi hypervisor with the free client. any tips? -Roei
  11. Hello, Please advice how to migrate from PC based XPEnology to VM based XPEnology under ESXi. My current setup is: Simple PC Disk #1 (compact flash disk - IDE adapter) > boot image Disk #2+#3 (2 Tera each) > DSM and 1 volume (Synology Hybrid RAID) The setup I wish to create: Simple PC >ESXi >>VM Guest >>> virtual disk #1 - boot image >>> disk #2 + #3 - connected to guest as RDM (raw device map) I will set the ESXi hypervison and guest, and I will create and modify the virtual disk for the image boot. The only thing that I need is a best practice, how to take the 2 HD that were connected to the PC-XPEnology and make them work with the VM XPEnology, without loosing data and settings Thank you -Roei
  12. Why Converting XPEnoboot IMG to VMDK? Use the ISO file: 1. download the ISO file and put it in the datastore 2. attach the ISO to the CD/DVD drive 3. tick "connect at power on" 4. verify that the v.machine boot from CD/DVD first With this simple procedure, you can skip panja's steps 2 and 3
  13. I use similar configuration (but 2 CF cards) I use CF-IDE adapter with 2 slots ( ... 230ee448ed) In the first slot, 128 MB CF card for the boot In the second slot, 8 GB CF card for the DSM -Roei
  14. Thank you Do you have any instruction how to add the r8169.ko to the modules directory. I am not god in linux. My DSM installed on PC (with USB loader) I manage to copy the file to the usb stick (using the DSM gui), then went to the console and tried to copy from /volumeUSB2/usbshare/ to /lib/modules/, but got permission denied error. Update: managed to copy the .ko file to modules directory (using winscp). whats next? Update 2: OK, got it, install it and its working -Roei
  15. Please add driver for Realtek 8110SC (onboard LAN in gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H) Anyone manage to use it? -Roei