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  1. anyone ever tried the High Availability option? can't get it working, everytime i connect the heartbeat cable both systems are "looping".(2xN54L) best regards, Leon
  2. You even get it hot pluggable afterwards best regards, Leon
  3. Hi Trantor, I have read almost the whole board but no one seems to use SHA? Since you are one of the best Xpenology specialist as far as i can see, i ask you directly if i may. Done everything as it supposed to (in synology SHA manual) but everytime when i connect the heartbeatcable both (N54L) become inaccessable. Both systems have the same (intel pro1000) Nic's, same harddisks on same slots,Ipv6 is disabled just like DHCP and PPPoe is not connected.(cannot find where to disable that)......... Do you have any suggestions? (Of course i use different serial numbers and the real hardware maca
  4. Changed everything like it should and everything is working to except SHA, have you tried that already? Everytime when i connect the heartbeat cable both systems are inaccessable. Best regards, Leon
  5. You must change it in the vender file
  6. Did al that and everything is working as it should.........except SHA..........every time i connect the heartbeat cable both systems are inaccessable. anyone tried SHA? My serials are correct, both NICS en harddisk are exactly the same, eveything is as the procedure but stil, the heartbeat isn't connected properly......of course, all nic's are working in "normal" function. Any help is welcome
  7. Just simply type /var/dmesg >readme and then read the readme file. Dmesg outputs kernelmessages so you can find the real Macaddress. (Search for Mac for example with the vi-editor) Best regards, Leon
  8. Had the same, see elswhere my solution(modded Bios worked) Best regards, Leon
  9. The only thing you have to do in my humble opinion is to find the REAL (hardware) MAC-adres and then every WOL-command wil work. (If in BIOS enabled and the NIC support it)........................the only trick is HOW to find the REAL MAC-adres?................................well, you can find it trough : /var/dmesg (via putty/SSH of course) For example write it to : /var/dmesg >readme then open the file readme for example with the VI-editor and search for "mac" (/mac ) and you will find the real Mac-adres. something like : 4.670955] tg3 0000:02:00.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 18 (level,
  10. Thnx, here the same now but has modded the Bios for it while on DSM4,2 it also worked without modding? I got 5 disks (each 4TB), listed as Disk 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 in System Information under Storage. 4 disks in the "hot-plug able" bays and one disk in the DVD bay. The disk in the DVD bay is connected to the internal SATA port.
  11. Does your router support Gigabit? I used my N54L with a 100Mbit router before and that caused such limitations. It appears even when you use an incorrect networkcabel, use min. Cat5e
  12. Can anyone explain how the search option within this board works? Every search ends in no result? Thnx, Leon
  13. How many Drives you use? DSM isn't recognize my fifth drive anymore (In DVD-bay) Leon
  14. Do you have tested it also with five harddrives? (one in the DVD-bay?) It worked with DSM 4.2 but now with DSM4.3 the fifth drive isn't detected anymore, even after reinstalling everything. Even tried every possibility in the BIOS (AHCI,RAID,EDI) The drive is detected by the Microserver but not within DSM. You use 4 or more drivers?