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    HP Microserver N54L on 4.3 Build

    Hi guys i have been running 4.2 for some time with no issues, i have just upgraded through a fresh install to 4.3 and no i am no longer able to get the 5th SATA connection to work, is anyone else having this issue? or any suggestions this all worked fine before i upgraded thanks
  2. vertoprime

    link aggregation error

    Hi guys i have a hp microserver n54l which is running build XPEnology_DS3612xs_2668, everything works brilliantly, i recently installed a second NIC into the PCIE slot which works fine, however when you connect the two i get the following error screen shouted below im also have this working fine on VSphere and with my DS411J any ideas guys thanks
  3. vertoprime

    two expenologys, mac address issues

    hi guys i am running a EXpenology fine and have been for a few weeks now, i have gone to build another one for a friend and thats al gone fine as well, i brought his one home with me and plugged it into my network, the mac address of both unit seems to be the same can this be changed?
  4. vertoprime

    Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    any chance of some Nforce drivers for 4.2 as i can only find them included in 4.1 more hardware ++
  5. vertoprime

    How to install XPEnology

    HI guys got this working in vurtalbox as a test and works great, I've managed to boot from the USB on the real pc and it says booting kerne, however the sysnology assistant does not see the devices so i am unable to install the PAT file
  6. vertoprime

    Boot but can't access network

    has anybody solved this as I'm having the same issue