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  1. Kinda busy atm but I had a quick look and sorry if this is no help at all but i'm pretty sure that ones because you are installing over the boot drive? To do this for virtualbox install I had to... write the boot img file to a usb drive and pass that physical drive through as a vmdk (raw img) boot from that vmdk (which is booting using your usb drive) once ready to install remove the usb boot drive and start the install when synology assistant says restarting with like 220 seconds you plug the boot drive back in and it should reboot and use the usb drive to start normally once you ha
  2. I have tested it with mine but it always fails to create the link I know my switch supports it I have done it with a real synology nas, I haven't been able to test any other switches as I am not at work for another week. will check and report back when I can. BTW currently still on 4.2
  3. did you set the mac address correctly in the network settings in virtualbox? I think I use 00113208D62A, I ran into the same problem once I can't remember how I fixed it.
  4. Your welcome, hdd will be fine (more reliable) I just had a spare ssd so I used it
  5. On my n54l nothing happens, poweroff was working fine I double checked the file and permissions all ok. maybe wifi connection, bt or usb ups is causing a problem/telling dsm not to shutdown? I will test more tomorrow time for sleep now, I have been at work since 5am I had to drive for 7.5hrs swap over a server and drive 7.5hrs back to the office.
  6. Probably should have mentioned I don't know much about linux lol
  7. When I replace poweroff with syno_poweroff_feasible_check nothing happens even though dsm is idle? no shutdown, am I missing something?
  8. make a copy of the boot image file before you install and when it says error writing config (it corrupts boot image file because it writes files to it) you need to delete the original and mount the good copy you made earlier. You can also write synoboot.img to a usb drive using win32diskimager and then create a vmdk of the physical drive and mount it in the vm, boot the vm and remove the usb drive then select pat file and install, once setup says rebooting quickly plug usb drive back in so it boots up normally (you can mount the original boot image and forget the usb drive once the install
  9. I have 12gb ram but don't use much at all maybe 2-3 most of the time unless I have multiple vm's running in virtualbox, you only need to disable the things I said if you install onto an ssd, there are a few programs to help such as ssd tweaker and the samsung magician program that comes with samsung ssd's, if you google "optimize windows on ssd" you will see how to manually disable them.
  10. I didn't get any errors when I tested but the dsm was idle, should I not use this method until you guys have refined it?
  11. Windows take less than 30 seconds to fully load I also have virtualbox autostart and boot xpenology vm and it uses normal hard drive for all packages and data inside the vm, I don't use the ssd for caching within dsm. If you install windows onto ssd you should disable things like indexing, defragging, pagefile etc to limit reading and writing to the ssd otherwise they don't last long.
  12. Maybe try Xpenology for dummies - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=514 Download the virtualbox files then open virtualbox on your pc and go to file then import appliance and it will create an xpenology vm. Open the vm settings and change the network adapter to the one on your pc, and also add any extra virtual drives you want to use (by default small boot drive and 20gb dynamic) If you are trying to use a real hard drive in the virtual machine look at this
  13. OMG I LOVE YOU!!! Tested and working great on my N54L
  14. Antivirus? I just installed a free lightweight av (microsoft security essentials) I also have antivirus on the nas (clam av) so most of the files are scanned by dsm. The ssd it makes the system run so much faster I like it very much and I only paid about $100 AUD for 128gb.