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  1. I would like to turn off the server without going to the web gui and say turn off. How can I turn off from the physical server. Thanks
  2. How you turn off the server from the power button without using the GUI web?
  3. How you can make it work from the physical button from the computer? In nas4free is only pushing it. But how you do in synology? Thanks
  4. How I can to a installation clean again? I did once the installation and now I want to reinstall but dont let me than option. How I can make it for reinstall the all system again. Thanks
  5. What is a good mother board mini itx work with 4.2?
  6. Why when I try 4.2 only stay in the kernel booting screen , and it doesnt happen with 4.1? 4.1 work great but 4.2 stay in that screen thanks
  7. BIOSTAR A68I-350 Deluxe AMD Fusion APU 350D AMD A68 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo Doesn't work staying booting the kernel. It work with version 4.1