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  1. I had try to install on Intel P4 socket 478 FSB800 CPU with 865 chipset yesterday, its really not easy to sucess install . I am considering the reason as below: 01.Comparing to the DSM 2.3 and DSM 4.2, the code and kernel are really too old, suppose have lots of issues. 02.The e100 or most old PCI/PCI-X 10/100 NIC usually need "Firmware" file to initial in Linux OS, at my side, I also unable to let my 82599 LOM work properly. (only works on 10M) 03.Most of the old x86 cpmputers use Award BIOS, the Award BIOS seems not do very well between IDE and SATA HDD switching. I use SATA HDD and turn it to IDE compatibility mode in BIOS, also got fail installation results. All problems came from unable to success install by DSM 2.3, if you can install DSM 2.3 and turn to DSM 4.2, suppose the controller or NIC issues will solved. I will suggest you to try Realtek gigabits NIC for PCI-33 (r8168 series), I am sure it can work in DSM 2.3, because one of my P3-733 just work with it. About the Intel 82547, I have lots of it, mine are pci-66, I am sure the Intel 82547 (e1000) can work propely in DSM 2.3, no matter VMware or VirtualBOX (those virtual machine all default set as e1000). If you also want to use iSCSI in x86, I can let you know that you should give up now, there are some DSM 4.2 programs relate to iSCSI portion are x64 only.
  2. The Asus Web Storage page still live, but very easy to run out of my bandwidth, usually 00:10 will reach everyday. There are new build and fix some fatal bugs, for prevent unnecessary confusion, so I kill the google link. Overall saying, this is not success build to me, and few feedback about this release, means not much people need it. So I won't release any new build for x86 DSM here. The latest build have able to modify volume layout and format as EXT4. Before: Example-3.jpg[/attachment]
  3. Just insert supported NIC on MB are enough, there are pci id tables inside kernel, if the table unable to mapping your device, maybe cause unable 100% drived.
  4. Your nic not supported by kernel. The DSM 2.3 was very old kernel, maybe have bugs or few nic device id in kernel, so unable to support your nic.
  5. Since this build can work on your box, I am considering that are enough, although I prefer to install x86 DSM 4.2 or (above) directly.
  6. I am no interesting in Hyper-V. Sorry for that.
  7. Thanks, but the major issues about unable to change the volume, were because of lots of hdd/volume utility are for x64, this is the root cause. I had manual change file system to ext4 success by recompiler some programs in DSM.
  8. I just like 3.2-1955 and 4.1-2668, if just for NAS purpose, I consider 3.2-1955 are best to me.
  9. You should read this: http://xpenology.com/wiki/en/building_xpenology A1. I didn't recompiler the kernel for this build, because when I repack it, Synology still not release the GPL/ToolChain for DSM 4.2-3202. A2. This is not necessary file, just remark it from the grbu index file and can pass it, this file just for booting purpose for make sure the rd.gz and zImage not modified. A3. As A1, so no .config file to provide, I just add some NIC drivers and repack the .pat file, so just named it as "Repack" version.
  10. This is release can let your old x86 only box have chance to use DSM 4.2-3211 Build Information: ================ Support NIC: DSM 2.3 and 4.2: typhoon / b44 / e100 / 8139cp / 8139too / e1000 / e1000e / r8168 / r8169 / r8101 / skge / sky2 / sk98lin / tigon3 / bnx2 / atl1 DSM 4.2 only: atl1e / atl1c / igb / igbvf / jme / skge_genesis / vmxnet3 ================ Support Controller: DSM 2.3 and 4.2: sata_ahci / ata_piix / sata_mv / sata_promise / sata_sx4 / sata_sil / sata_sil24 / ata_generic / pata_hpt37x / pata_jmicron / pata_pdc2027x DSM 4.2 only : pvscsi ================ Support Platform: Intel x86 CPU ================ How to Install: 01.Use RAW tool to write the "DS411-1067-x86-20130525.img" image file to your USB key (at least 16MB capacity). 02.Enable COM1 from BIOS then boot from USB key. 03.Select "Boot DSM 2.3-1167 x86" when the GRUB boot manager show up. 04.Search the DSM booting box by Synology Assistant (SA) and provide "DS411-1067-x86-20130525.pat" to SA. 05.DSM will auto reboot when .pat install done, the GRUB boot manager will show up again. 06.Select "Boot DSM 2.3-1167 x86" to complete the SA install process (Write configuration to DSM success). 07.Login into DSM from Web UI, create the HDD volume/space you want. (the SA will show the DSM version as 1.0.1000 now) *.Very Important: You must create HDD volume/space at the step. 08.Reboot DSM when step.07 finish, select "Boot DSM 2.3-1167 x86" again when GRUB show up. 09.Search DSM by SA, SA will show "configuration lost" and ask to provide the .pat file, give "RS3413xs_3211-x86-20130525.pat" to SA. 10.The step.05 repeating now. 11.Select "Boot DSM 2.3-1167 x86" again when GRUB show up, the DSM 4.2 .pat file will install during this step. On this step, we just want to the "RS3413xs_3211-x86-20130525.pat" wrote to HDD. So press the computer "Reset" manaully when the screen continue show up "== Philippines Coast Guard massacred Taiwan finishing boat on 2013-05-19 ==". *.It's really, no matter press "Reset" or the VGA console messages. 12.When the GRUB show up again, select "Boot DSM 4.2-3211 x86", the SA will finish the install process. (Write configuration to DSM success). 13.Login into DSM 4.2 Web UI and start to setup your DSM. 14.All done and enjoy it. ================ *.Very Important: You can't delete the HDD volume/space in DSM 4.2, otherwise need to go again the installation process. Another words, the HDD volume layout must all finish in Step.07, and the file system will be EXT3. Download URL: DEAD Link EDIT Trantor : I reupload the file viewtopic.php?f=2&t=800&start=100#p6739
  11. Save your time to do it, the HA function can't work on my previous version.