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    Working DSM 6

    Hi Spooky1, thanks for your hints, I'm using oktisme's VMWare PAckage and found this file in the boot HDD which I mapped via VMWare WS. Cheers Juergen
  2. for me the script doesn't wok either. I'm running DSM 6 and don't have the required folders. Here is my folder structure: /sys/devices/system/cpu /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cache /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/power /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/subsystem (slink) /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0topology /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu1 /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpuidle /sys/devices/system/cpu/power BTW, there are three files in cpu0: crash_notes 5f615100 crash_notes_size 368 uevent DEVNAME=cpu0 PHYSDEVBUS=cpu MO
  3. myhtpc

    Working DSM 6

    Yes, I'm booting in RUN mode. How can I start with install mode? While booting, I have no chance to switch the option. Is there any way to edit the boot option? (enhance time to choose or setting install mode as default) Thanks for your help Cheers Juergen P.S: I have already setup root and have access via WinSCP & Putty, so editing any files should be possible
  4. myhtpc

    Working DSM 6

    I installed DSM 6 based on mrbasic1's guideline some pages back: All went fine and I was able to configure it as wanted. I'm using VMware WS12 as plattform and shared the DSM-VM to be able to autostart. I also rebooted several times (VM as well as whole Host-Maschine with Win10). As of this morning, I couldn't start DSM 6 anymore without going directly into migration mode. If I migrate manually with the patched pat file, the system reboots correctly, but comes back again into migration mode. Does any one know what happended? I'm allways booting the VM in run mode as I couldn't enter
  5. That is great news. Thanks a lot for your time and efforts! I'll wait patiently;-)
  6. Hi, ich habe mein RAID als share in XPenology gemounted und kann so z.B. mit dsFile schön von unterwegs auf meine Dokumente, eBooks, etc. zugreifen und herunterladen. remote Folder auf spezielle Standard-shares zu mounten ist allerdings etwas schwqieriger / nicht möglich. So ging es früher z.B., dass ich mein Video-Verzeichnis des RAID mounten konnte und dies auch von dsVideo erkannt wurde. Dies geht jedoch seit DSM5 nicht mehr (lt. Synology wurde dies noch nie offiziell supported, ging aber). Ich habe es daher ganz einfach gemacht und habe die wichtigsten Ordner des RAID als remote Or
  7. Ich hab' da eine andere Strategie gewählt, aber vielleicht wäre die ja auch für Dich eine Überlegung wert. Mein System ist i5-4570 mit 16GB RAM, Intel Desktop Board, 240GB Samsung SSD und 5x WD Red 3TB. Das Ganze auf Win Server 2012R2. Als RAID verwende ich Flexraid und mein Xpenology läuft in einer VMware WS10 Vm (als Server mit autostart konfiguriert). Flexraid lohnt sich einmal einzulesen - ich nutze hierbei Snapchot-RAID, da sich die meisten Daten eh' nicht groß ändern. Xpenology habe ich dann eine ganz normale VM HDD von 500GB anlegen lassen (die VM selbst liegt auf der SS
  8. hi stanza & costib, I have managed to mount --bind another folder within my DSM (gnoboot's DSM 5.0-4458) into /photo. That is working fine as long as the folder to be mounted is within the DSM. I want to mount --bind a remote folder from my host (I'm running DSM within VMWare on a 2012R2 Server with shared cifs Folders. If I attach a remote folder via the file station, the mount bind doesn't work. So in short: costlib's guide works, but not with stanza's tasks to mount a remote folder from outside the DSM-VM. Does anybody have an idea, how to do this?
  9. Thanks for your feedback Hjnas, Trying your way, I deleted all my folders and files under /photo & /music and mapped remote folders from my Server via Filestation CIFS. The structure is now: /photo/Fahrzeuge /music/Lieder where Lieder and Fahrzeuge are remote folders. I have reindexed after mapping remote folders, but unfortunately, Nor DS-audio finds any songs, nor DS-Photo finds any photo. Do you have any idea, why it doesn't work for me? Btw, I haven't installed vm-tools, as gnoboot is still working to get them running on DSM-50
  10. Hi Hjnas, I saw your post some pages earlier and would be interested to understand your whole setup: Does that mean, DSM is just acting as a front-end without any major HDD management? I have a 2012R2 Server with VMware workstation 10 (configured as server) running gnoboot's DSM 5.0-4458. I have set up a small VMDK for direct storage, but most of the content is mounted via NFS from a NFS-Share on my Host-system 2012R2. How do you manage your access from DSM to the 2012R2? How do you use LUN? Thanks upfront for your feedback - I'm searching for improvements on my installati
  11. If you want to Run two synologies / xpenologies, you need to change one's Mac adress. WOL also requires modification to be aligned with the adress of the (virtual) Adapter.
  12. Hi Trantor, great to see, that you are back in this thread. A quick question: Could you give us an idea, what the planned changes in your next version will be? (NFS, CIFS, VM-Tools, Full package,?) Cheers myhtpc
  13. couldn't add packages either. Same problem with connection