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  1. i was an idiot and just tried to update to whatever latest version was shown with the red dot in contorl panel. IT FAILED. i was on 6.2 prior to this and just need to know how I can maybe roll back to the version I used to be on. this is devastating.
  2. So this is ONLY if I want a SYNO app to do it. If I am using Plex it won't matter?
  3. got it. im in wth PUTTY and enabled ssh/telnet in the xpen box. GREAT. question. i'm in the box and running a admin@DISKSTATION:/$ cat /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf cat: /usr/syno/etc/codec/activation.conf: No such file or directory i do not have a codec dir in admin@DISKSTATION:/usr/syno/etc$ what pack/package do i need to add the codecs for hw transcodes?
  4. OK. All is well. I'm doing my packages now and moving my data back from EXT USB onto the internal disks. Running DSM6.2.3-25426 with JUN 1.04b loader and all is great. HOWEVER! One major thing. My TS140 lenovo has intel management so I can remote desktop to it easily. With my old loader the XPENOBOOT, I had a full console access and could login as admin and issue linux commands. With the JUN 1.04b the screen just stays on the "Happy hacking. Screen will stop updating shortly" and I do not have a console command. How do I get to the console with Jun 1.04?
  5. Thanks again, guys. I have a 10TB West Digi USB coming tomorrow, bought for $169 at Best Buy. Once I am backed up I will flash the BIOS on the TS140 and then load up xpen. I just made a 1.04b loader usb stick with my grub edit for vid/pid/mac/sn and tested it using the intel mesh remote access. works. Will go with 6.2.3 DSM_DS918+_25426 and report back on how it went. It has been 4 years since I did my Xpen box so i was a bit RUSTY. REALLY appreciate the help, guys.
  6. a milion thanks.. i will redo my USB stick and go up to the 1.04b and 6.2.3 code and 918+ since i have a haswell. excited to get v6 going so i can get access to all of the new stuff i ahve been missing out on. cannot being to express how PERFECT by v5 rig has been. amazing.
  7. Guys thanks a lot. Can u copy pasta exact file names of what I should pull down? I'm good on all the steps just need to know what versions to snag.
  8. Hi yall. Been running a TS140 xpen box for 4 years and it has been amazing. I'm about to backup all the data to external USB and do a totally fresh load. current rig is ds3615xs and 5.2-5967 update 9. before i do this, just wanted to confirm for my ts140 my best PAT to go with is again the ds3615xs_15284 and jun loader 1.03b and DSM 6.2?
  9. i took the plunge and went ahead and did this. i backed up ALL data first, of course. i made a new boot stick with the later loader and went to the latest version including v3 upgrade. zero problems, no lost data, all working beautifully. sure would like to get up to v6 though for the GUI changes. the GUI on 5.1 / 5.2 is very dated. I also do not like how in the file station when browsing, the tree strcture is odd. i had to rework some of my naming to be able to right click and copy to / move to. sort of annoying. i hope they fix that behaviour.
  10. I just upgraded to the latest 5.2-5644. I used the update1 from the xpen download and then i just said screw it and updated to v3 using the syn version. worked perfectly, zero issues.
  11. THANK YOU for your response. Are you also on 5.1-5022 now or will this be your first dip into Xpenology? My rig is a TS430 with 12GB and 4TB in a RAID0 for *wicked* fast PLEX and Minim server / music serving It runs so beautifully it is indescribable. Because the machine is so freaking fast I cannot ever justify buying a "real" NAS because the RAM/CPU spec is so far behind what I have now. It's really amazing how weak most NAS are in this regard. I'm hesitant to upgrade for fear of "breaking" something. I'm hoping the new 5.2 update is more GUI based. I used to use iSCSI on a QNA
  12. I've been running 5.1-5022 Update 5 since a few weeks after it came out. At the time I installed it I did a totally fresh install and my XPEN box has been running BEAUTIFULLY since then. I see now there are many, many revisions and versions later and I'm wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to the most recent or should I just leave my shit as is?
  13. BRUTAL!! I must have had my XPEN rig set to AUTO update... what's funny is everything was WORKING lol!! It was not until I went to hit the box for some mgmt at the inside 192.x.x.x addy that it would not come up. downgraded back to 5.1 update 5 holy crap... scary all working now. damn auto updates lol
  14. wakkawakka


    Well.. I must be missing something. I have rutorrent isntalled and web service enabled. in pkg center it has http://myservername.ddns.net/rutorrent to launch it. i click on that and it just spins and nothing happens.. i see that ru is a FRONT END so i presume I also need to actually install rtorrent and that the rutorrent pkg built into the syno community is not a one stop shop torrent solution?
  15. wakkawakka


    Wow. THANK YOU. I feel like a total idiot.. this worked perfectly and now i see rutorrent. THANK YOU!