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  1. i took the plunge and went ahead and did this. i backed up ALL data first, of course. i made a new boot stick with the later loader and went to the latest version including v3 upgrade. zero problems, no lost data, all working beautifully. sure would like to get up to v6 though for the GUI changes. the GUI on 5.1 / 5.2 is very dated. I also do not like how in the file station when browsing, the tree strcture is odd. i had to rework some of my naming to be able to right click and copy to / move to. sort of annoying. i hope they fix that behaviour.
  2. I just upgraded to the latest 5.2-5644. I used the update1 from the xpen download and then i just said screw it and updated to v3 using the syn version. worked perfectly, zero issues.
  3. THANK YOU for your response. Are you also on 5.1-5022 now or will this be your first dip into Xpenology? My rig is a TS430 with 12GB and 4TB in a RAID0 for *wicked* fast PLEX and Minim server / music serving It runs so beautifully it is indescribable. Because the machine is so freaking fast I cannot ever justify buying a "real" NAS because the RAM/CPU spec is so far behind what I have now. It's really amazing how weak most NAS are in this regard. I'm hesitant to upgrade for fear of "breaking" something. I'm hoping the new 5.2 update is more GUI based. I used to use iSCSI on a QNAP but stopped once I built the XPEN box and never bothered with a target again since the way it's setup now works just as needed. I guess I will back everything up to an external 4TB USB drive (i have a massive FLAC library) and attempt to upgrade to see what happens. Worst case I have to redo the whole thing and copy data back.
  4. I've been running 5.1-5022 Update 5 since a few weeks after it came out. At the time I installed it I did a totally fresh install and my XPEN box has been running BEAUTIFULLY since then. I see now there are many, many revisions and versions later and I'm wondering if it is worth it to upgrade to the most recent or should I just leave my shit as is?
  5. BRUTAL!! I must have had my XPEN rig set to AUTO update... what's funny is everything was WORKING lol!! It was not until I went to hit the box for some mgmt at the inside 192.x.x.x addy that it would not come up. downgraded back to 5.1 update 5 holy crap... scary all working now. damn auto updates lol
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    Well.. I must be missing something. I have rutorrent isntalled and web service enabled. in pkg center it has http://myservername.ddns.net/rutorrent to launch it. i click on that and it just spins and nothing happens.. i see that ru is a FRONT END so i presume I also need to actually install rtorrent and that the rutorrent pkg built into the syno community is not a one stop shop torrent solution?
  7. wakkawakka


    Wow. THANK YOU. I feel like a total idiot.. this worked perfectly and now i see rutorrent. THANK YOU!
  8. wakkawakka


    "You turn on beta packages?" How do I turn on beta packages? Thanks for the replies!
  9. wakkawakka


    Can anyone else confirm if rutorrent does not show as a community package from synocommunity on dsm update 5? mine does not show up. nor do a few of the other packages listed. My list goes directly from roundcube webmail to SABnzbd no rutorrent is listed...
  10. wakkawakka


    That sounds very promising, only concern is the delay/lag that we'd be looking at for 5.2 coming to Xpen. I'm *really* surprised that dl station and transmission are the two main torrent clients, even for "real" Syno stuff. QNAP, Austor and others seem to have WAY more packages available.
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    Not liking Download station at all and am really used to Deluge which I run 24/7 on a diff system and would like to run on my XPEN build instead. I have googled extensively and short of adding the synocommunity which comes with Transmission (i like this even less than Download Station) I am not able to find a torrent solution. Is anyone running or knows where to get DELUGE to run on XPEN as a package?!?! I need a bit torrent solution, badly.
  12. I had to completely redo my entire setup since I decided to remove the small 64GB SSD drive at some point after initial install. I moved all data off of the NAS onto external drives and then used CLI and parted rm to remove all partitions. I redid the whole thing from scratch and was able to successfully upgrade to version 5 and it's running great. Lesson learned, won't be doing THAT again.
  13. JMRR - Did you make any changes to the drives after initial install? In my case I had SSD as vol1 and 2tb vol2 2tb vol3. I removed the vol1 ssd awhile back and that is what caused my problems. I did a clean install but as soon as i put my 2tb drives back in my system downgrades itself to v4.
  14. Seeing as we are now in Q2 of 2015 and most people are likely using Xpenoboot 5.1-5022.3 and either DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 or Update 5, I was hoping to get a fresh thread going about MAC and SERIAL. I'm mostly asking this because it appears I'm going to have to completely redo my Xpen box since I'm unable to install Update 5 which I believe is due to me originally having a small 64GB SSD drive as Volume1 which has since been removed, making the update throw a fit about system volume which I simply cannot fix. I'm currently moving all data off the XPEN drives and onto external storage so I can redo it. =( I googled on the subject of MAC and SERIAL and most results are old and do not specifically address the most recent builds. Primary question for me is if it is absolutely necessary to change MAC and/or SERIAL when using the latest builds if I am only running a single Xpen box and use no-ip for my ddns service and have no reason to create a Syn account. If there are reasons to change MAC and SERIAL please list them and more importantly if anyone has a link to or could post the most RECENT technique for MAC/SERIAL change using the latest builds it would be greatly appreciated. TL;DR: LOOKING FOR UPDATED MAC/SERIAL CHANGE TUTORIAL for Xpenoboot 5.1-5022.3 and DSM 5.1-5022 Update 4 / Update 5.
  15. The only file you need to obtain is the XPENoboot. You can get the .pat file from Syn for the DS3615xs