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  1. I have done this a thousand times and never had this issue. Parameters are set correctly. @NooL how did u solve the issue?
  2. Hello Everybody. Have been running my Xpenology since the very beginning somewhere in 2012 or so. Now I have updated my bootloaders etc to 1.03b and i have set Serial and mac1 and mac2 but for some reason dsm only takes the mac i set in mac1, so the second LAN does not have a Synology compliant MAC ID although i have set it in Grub Config. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. I am currently running Xpenology system 5.2 5565 update 2 and i recently noticed that in storage manager--HDD/SSD--Health info i cannot access the overview or the history panel. it says not available! i have an LSI controller in IT mode. is it just a badly installed system or some crazy configuration thing? i have the same running on another machine and it works fine...
  4. it was definitely a falling drive...still anyone got any idea as to why my system won't show health info on the hard drives tab in the storage manager? neither health info nor history works it just says service not available
  5. have you done any special settings? i cannot access the health info overview pane or the history pane on the HDD overview page in Storage manager which seems quite strange...further i cannot activate enable write cache...i checked, i have p19 firmware in the controller so this is not the might just be a falling drive
  6. i will dive into the subject of which firmware... but why can i not see the health status of disks in storage manager? is this normal with raid controllers in it mode? i don't get it...
  7. i am currently running dam 5.2 5565 update 2 on 2 systems for a while.very stable, very happy. however, on one system i get I/O errors on one specific HDD (WD RED WD30EFRX, pretty new) once in a while. On that system, i am running an LSI Card in IT mode. now while i was checking, i noticed that i cannot get any info in the HDD health info overview, it says not available.same thing for history. Smart reads me out some values. furthermore i just noticed i cannot enable write cache on the system. does this have something to do with the LSI Card. I further tested and tried to get info from an ssd
  8. i know that it is not real..i want to change the info though for my geek factor1
  9. Hello there again, Just a trivial question. I am currently running xpenoboot latest version, everything working so far, and for the sake of my own madness i want to change the CPU type showing in Control Panel/Info Center from the i3 which is showing now to the i7 which is actually in the machine... How do i do this? is there a parameter to be added as for custom SN and mac in the Syslinux.cfg on the usb loader or something else?
  10. Hello everyone, Just upgraded to Xpenology 5.1 latest working version and i do not find the etc/synoinfo.conf /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf files where the max disk number is saved. i pretty much need to do what stanza explained in for 5.0 but the config files do not contain the parameters esataportcfg=”0x1000” usbportcfg="0xffe000" internalportcfg=”0xfff” because of that, only 4 of my 8 disks on the sas controller are recognised. in 5.0 i had everything working perfectly. i have an LSI-9211-8i IT Firmware card.
  11. hello, as of now, i am running dam 5.0 latest version with update 2. i have an lei controller which you worked with and it is recognised. i am trying to do the hex calculation and that is exactly where it starts to get a little bit confusing. in total i have 8 sata ports on the controller and 6 sata ports on the main board, plus one msata and one esata port. totalling 16 ports. the msata port is recognised and works perfectly fine. with usb, i am a little confused. there is a total of 14 usb ports on the mainbors, however it show a lot more here, i guess one controller is duplicated o
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    Quick connect

    Hello, I have two xpenology ystems up andrunnig. Both have customized serial numbers and mac addresses from my former original synology stations. Until recently, wick connect worked perfectly fine on both. As of now, it does not work anymore. Already did a clean reinstal on one of them to see ifi it wasnt any mod i did, but it wont even work anymore on aclean install. Anyone hve any ideas? Is itpossible that with the relese of 5.1 synology excluded the older systems from sing quick connect?
  13. i have an onboard realtek and then i have a second one in a pie port. i understand that smb performance is also bad so i will try to create a large file backup task and test again... JUST TESTED NOW IN SYNOLOGY BACKUP & REPLICATION APP I CREATED A DATA BACKUP TASK COPYING 170GB OF LARGE MKV FILES TO THE SYNOLOGY SYSTEM WITH THE ONBOARD INTEL NIC. Speed is still around 25mb/s i do not know if i am doing something wrong...but that speed is awful slow... what if i do shared folder sync? is that a different protocol? i will also test that but for now i cant imagine that it is the protoco
  14. Thanks a lot ! Stanza is right you ned to odify both files otherwise it will reset after reboot I will work o the hex thing when the hba isinstaled in fact i have the very same card ordered in it it plug and play or is i a pain to make it work right?