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  1. I'll say try it. As I could and add a blank drive to install DSM anew but with a random SN to try, so can you
  2. It does work, I have N3150-ITX and DS916+ installed and regardless what I play I've get nearly 0% extra CPU utilisation
  3. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Isn't is easier and safer to wake up via the router? Especially opening up port 22.
  4. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    I think you're going to have to re-install which is the equivalent of the RESET on the Synology models.
  5. Asrock Q1900-ITX/Q1900DC-ITX

    Working perfectly fine for me on my N3150-ITX board from AsRock. On both SATA controllers too, I might add. 6.1.3-15152
  6. Drivers requests for DSM 5.2

    Would it be possible to include drivers for cheap Ethernet-to-USB adapters, please? RD9700 product. The Linux drivers on the bundled CD are 100 Kb but I'm not sure how to install them.
  7. Using Virtual DSM Manager with one LAN port

    Crap - I was hoping for a less costly solution will check out PCIe LAN cards. But I don't want to sacrifice my USB 3.0 ports! (my mobo is really old, no USB 3.0 and I have only 1x PCIe slot).
  8. WoL is working for me too, since DSM 6.x.x which wasn't previously possible under the old DSM 5.2.x All you have to do is to make sure you can use WoL with plain old BIOS settings (not turning the unit off via DSM or any other OS). A number of routers support WOL built in or you can have apps on your phones and open port 9 for WOL instructions. Once you have done the necessary steps, you can turn on WOL in DSM and from that point you should be able to wake your unit from anywhere.
  9. WOL on DSM6 - Jun loader

    Well, on my configuration with previous DSM versions I had a problem to successfully use WoL but with 6.x.x I can finally use it. Once you've confirmed that you can use WoL just with plain shutdown/power off (not via DSM) you can turn it on in DSM @ Control Panel > Hardware & Power > General > Enable WOL on Lan X For example I have two XPEnology machines running. On one (my main rig) I'm able to use WOL outside DSM via BIOS but until v6.x I couldn't use WOL in conjunction with DSM software shutdown. On the other (test rig) I'm not able to use WOL outside the DSM and I'm not able to use WOL after I use software shutdown via DSM. Hope it makes at least a little sense. For either you will need the right settings in BIOS and the 'real' MAC address of your chosen LAN port.
  10. Using Virtual DSM Manager with one LAN port

    Really the only way will be either a motherboard with 2 ethernet ports (or more) or a PCI/e network adapter? Also, anybody could explain why a USB wireless adapter doesn't function to solve this?
  11. Using Virtual DSM Manager with one LAN port

    I'm going to watch this thread because I'm interested also. I've tried wireless USB adapters but they don't count for some reason Not sure why because they're fully functional connections. EDIT: anybody knows a way to leave NAS management to the wireless adapter and use the LAN connection for for the 'virtual' needs?
  12. Assistance with Web Station

    Thank you very much. That was it - I don't think I would've think of that.
  13. Assistance with Web Station

    Hello again Odd situation - I can access the login website even from outside of my network but as soon as I log in, I get redirected to my which, of course, doesn't do any good. Do I have to do anything for the website to redirect to instead of my ?
  14. Assistance with Web Station

    Sorry i didnt mention about hat. You need to make some tweaks here: - standard db.port is 3306, - db.user is root, - db.password is blank, no password. Also to login as root you need to use command: sudo su -. Admin password. I'll need to go back to school - I hate this shit. Took me 15min to figure out about the root login (first you login as admin with your admin password, then you request root access via sudo -i or sudo su and re-confirm with your admin password). Swear, this could be easier EDIT: I've changed the config file settings as suggested but my error remains the same - MySQL DB Error (kitcatalogue@localhost). Connecting to Database : 1049 ::. I think I'm not creating a database in MariaDB. Any ideas, please? EDIT: New thing learned - Commands end with ; or \g. swear I would hit myself but I have a date tonight EDIT: I've done it! Thanks a lot. Really! Now I need to learn to use it EDIT: how do I access it via the web? If I modify the 'Virtual Host' settings, I only get a default Synology page with Web Station has been enabled. To finish setting up your website, please see the "Web Service" section of DSM Help. and if I leave the post based 'Virtual Host' up and create a secondary host name based 'Virtual Host' with practically the same settings, I get This site can’t be reached Post based Virtual Host settings: - HTTP port selected (port number xx) - document root selected (web/kitcatalogue) - HTTP back-end server selected (Apache HTTP server 2.2) - PHP selected (PHP 5.6) I can access the software via http://: Host name based Virtual Host settings: - Host name selected (myDDNS) - HTTP port selected (port number xx) - HHTPS port selected (port number xy) - document root selected (web/kitcatalogue) - HTTP back-end server selected (Apache HTTP server 2.2) - PHP selected (PHP 5.6) I can't access the software via the following routes: http://: https://: EDIT: I've sorted it, the port numbers xx for HTTP and xy for HTTPS wasn't added to the 'Router Configuration' and wasn't forwarded in the router.
  15. Assistance with Web Station

    I'm back again sorry! - Enabled SSH on XPEnology - Downloaded Putty - Entered my IP - Putty started - Tried to log in as 'root' - can't. My regular admin password doesn't matches the root password - God knows at this point what is the root password. I know it is not my admin password and it is not blank either - So I've logged in as 'admin' - Entered mysql - which started MariaDB - Typed in - no reaction - Typed in - no reaction - Typed in - no reaction - Typed in - no reaction - Exited Putty - Tried to resume the KitCatalogue installation > Error - Failed to connect to the database server. MySQL DB Error (kitcatalogue@localhost). Connecting to Database : 1045 :: Do I need to take into account any of the options listed by the installation? db.use_mysqli - true - localhost db.port - 3308 db.username - kitcatalogue db.password - ****** db.database - kitcatalogue Thank you...