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  1. Well done! I've just sold 2 x N7700Pro couple of months ago. 1 x v1 and 1 x v2.
  2. Well, looks like restart wasn't necessary. I've turned the NAS off, done my regular quarterly maintenance (de-dust, etc) and when I've put it back together, since then I haven't experienced the same issue. Oddly enough I have a different issue - I've plugged in a WD My Passport SSD into the NAS (USB C > USB 3.0). The SSD showed up as a connected device but I couldn't get it in the File Station. Any ideas?
  3. Also the logs doesn't show anything. And clients connected to the NAS still experience the same issue, regardless if they're connected via wire or wireless. I'll try to 'restart' the NAS (re-install).
  4. Well, DLNA IS not used in any form as far as I'm concerned. My Kodi player and our phones/laptops directly play from the NAS. No indexing in progress.
  5. Running thing while logged on and watching the 'resource monitor' to see if there are any spikes. Of course, like quantum effects, nothing happens while you're watching
  6. Have you tried rebooting? - several times. Even turning it off and on. Both via DSM and manually. Is the index service running, also have a look at what else is running i.e. - not that I could see. Very little utilisation. Works great but once a while it just gets 'frozen' for a few seconds How many users are connected - two max but usually only one
  7. Good evening, I've recently updated to Update 8 from Update 3 (6.1.3-15152). Since then I'm getting regular freezes when streaming from the NAS, moving files onto and from the NAS, etc. Any ideas? Symptoms: the playback freezes for a few seconds then it catches up and fast forwards. Thanks
  8. I'll say try it. As I could and add a blank drive to install DSM anew but with a random SN to try, so can you
  9. It does work, I have N3150-ITX and DS916+ installed and regardless what I play I've get nearly 0% extra CPU utilisation
  10. Isn't is easier and safer to wake up via the router? Especially opening up port 22.
  11. I think you're going to have to re-install which is the equivalent of the RESET on the Synology models.
  12. Working perfectly fine for me on my N3150-ITX board from AsRock. On both SATA controllers too, I might add. 6.1.3-15152
  13. Would it be possible to include drivers for cheap Ethernet-to-USB adapters, please? RD9700 product. The Linux drivers on the bundled CD are 100 Kb but I'm not sure how to install them.
  14. Crap - I was hoping for a less costly solution will check out PCIe LAN cards. But I don't want to sacrifice my USB 3.0 ports! (my mobo is really old, no USB 3.0 and I have only 1x PCIe slot).
  15. WoL is working for me too, since DSM 6.x.x which wasn't previously possible under the old DSM 5.2.x All you have to do is to make sure you can use WoL with plain old BIOS settings (not turning the unit off via DSM or any other OS). A number of routers support WOL built in or you can have apps on your phones and open port 9 for WOL instructions. Once you have done the necessary steps, you can turn on WOL in DSM and from that point you should be able to wake your unit from anywhere.