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  1. If you trust or willing to let TeamViewer client to passthrough SSL tunel, you already put your cards at the table. Teamviewer client enforce permanent connection to TeamViewer server so you can hop in from outside using this active session. Opening additional port on your router is something you should evaluate from point of your network management skills. That include full understanding of planning and implementing custom high port setup in router coupled with DDNS (you're not limited to DDNS setup in DSM, you may have this option in router itself, for instance Asus router have it own 'low
  2. I'm curently evaluating Synology high end RS3614 versus QNAP TS-1280U for small archive role (100TB). Overall, QNAP feels more involved in enterprise class due stronger processing power, larger disk bays, SAS support and dual backend. The last one also means that it's much more capacity driven (up to 4x compared to Synology). On other side, Synology is more power efficient and very carefully pick battles in enterprise arena. Inclusion of HA capability in DSM5.0 is something QNAP still does not plan to support. Big no-no for anyone even remotely interested in building well treated NAS whi
  3. just a guess... Connect to /etc/synoinfo.conf and search for string 'internalportcfg=' This string has hexadecimal value which is can disclose how many SATA ports can be mapped. for 8-port limit, it would indicate that you have 'internalportcfg=0xff'. For 12-drive setup, value should be 'internalportcfg=0xfff' as FFF is converted value of binary mapping of SATA ports (1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1).
  4. My guess is that without adding proper driver for onboard sensors there's little or nothing to be done. My bet is on Trantor, getting DSM v5 branch distro at some point of time, he cares about these details.
  5. To be completely honest, I also failed to provide backup, even for at least the most important unique stuff onboard. Perfectly functional (albeit somewhat less secure) v4.3 setup ran smoothly for almost 3 months. Reading all post regarding v4.3->v5 migration from forum users, checking driver section of gnoboot was less harmful for setup than for my personal state of mind . I made new usb stick for v5, just as cyanlabs guide explains; shutdown, removed v4.3 stick and fired up a new one just in curiosity if loader will 'see' WD Reds and that Ethernet stack is up. Quick inspection with SynoAss
  6. +1 8TB stacked on Trantor's v4.3 migrated to Gnoboot's 10.5 in less than 2 minutes. Sideeffects include repairing some share permissions, custom created user homes and sh/bin path correction in etc/password. WOL, disk hybernation function retained oob. Still missing correct temperature readings, probably missing driver/I2C for motherboard sensor.
  7. I can confirm this temperature reading bug - reported some time ago: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1700&start=150#p9217
  8. Smooth upgrade from v4.3 repackv 1.0 to update2 (4.3-3810). Anyone familar what could cause 'Thermal status' under ControlPanel/SystemInformation/General always showing 40C/104F ? Built on Asrock B75M R2 (intel Ivy brdige).
  9. Impressive specs and power consumption. I would expect low power profile with new Haswell chipset, but this is close to real Synology box with 3-4 drives. This leads me to the next question - which PSU you had inside that box (brand/model or just power ratings) ? My current figure is appx.41-42W using the 400W junk PSU, perhaps using some 80+ certified PSU might be a right move for extra savings. I do plan to add at least 2 or perhaps 3 additional WD REDs, so lowering idle power consuption really pays well in no time. Regards.
  10. Browse /etc/synoinfo.conf and find something like eth0_wol_options eth0 should be primary NIC adapter. WOL won't be set up unless it's put in magic packet mode. Something like this: eth0_wol_options="g"
  11. In DSM 4.2 the best way to add your sn and MAC is edit vender file and do not add "#" before vender, hw_model in menu.lst. Tried that many times, but on 4.2.3xxx any change to MAC in vender file will break current checksum and revert back to stock values. You can locate this XX byte value in hex editor, it's appended to MAC value.
  12. One more important thing to be aware of, when preparing GRUB.CONF before installation. If you have only single onboard NIC, check that there is netif_num=1 This parameter can cause trouble with WOL. Any attempt to change WOL settings in Control Panel/Hardware/General will get error message "Failed to set up WOL".
  13. Asrock B75M R2.0, running dualcore Intel Celeron 1610 with 4GB DDR3-1333 RAM. 3x WD RED 3TB in RAID5, cheap non-80+ 400W PSU. 41W idle.
  14. Yes, you can do that, it will work, just declare that SATA drive as 1st bootable device. IMHO, I would stay with USB flash for boot, and use that 250GB as system drive for storing apps/configuration. 2x1TB would be added later, after you're done with DSM installation.
  15. Open telnet session and try this one: ifconfig eth0 hw ether aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff (eth0 should be your main NIC, to be sure before commiting above command, enter ifconfig to list enumerated settings) change aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff with whatever you have on real NIC.