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  1. based on this yes is good
  2. I tried and ds3617 but got error on instalation of pat file and after that its shows messages somethig with migrate software... Somebody can help me ? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. me too i tried to install ds3615 to TS-470-PRO (I3-3220, 8 Gb ram, 1 Hdd 350 Gb) with DS3615xs 6.1 Jun's Mod V1.02b.img from usb disk - i change boot order on TS to boot from stick - after TS-470-Pro boot jun loader, - start synology assistant and after find'it on search i choose to install DSM_DS3615xs_15217.pat - the problem arises after reboot ... assistant not continue installation (not find TS) ... stay on system is rebooting (even if machine respond to ping) - if i force reboot assistant find machine but say to recover system .... but after reboot again .. not find'it Please help me if i made something wrong thanks
  4. Hi, I'm trying to create a VM using Virtualbox and last jun's loader version (1.02b). All good until synology assistant not find anything. what is wrong ? Virtualbox show this message for 10 minutes
  5. any news about qnap s.o. porting ?
  6. aoprea

    xpenology + xbmc

    I questions to synology regarding hdmi output and xbmc on synology products and response is:
  7. I played today with firmware recovery for ts-470 from here: based on infos from here ( http://reverseengineering.stackexchange ... extraction ) i managed to unpack the firmware # dd if=F_TS-470_20140519-1.2.8.img bs=512 of=part1 skip=32 count=2160w # dd if=F_TS-470_20140519-1.2.8.img bs=512 of=part2 skip=4352 count=242304w # dd if=F_TS-470_20140519-1.2.8.img bs=512 of=part3 skip=488960 count=242304w # dd if=F_TS-470_20140519-1.2.8.img bs=512 of=part5 skip=973600 count=8304w # dd if=F_TS-470_20140519-1.2.8.img bs=512 of=part6 skip=990240 count=8688w # mount -r part2 /mnt/ts2 -o loop but from now on I do not know what to do maybe someone with more experience can succeed to porting qnap s.o.
  8. does anyone have any idea how we could have a full bash fo debian/ubuntu after xpenoboot load dsm ? if this will be done next thing will be to compile kodi (xbmc) from git source and have a dual nas and htpc like i done here ... C-for-OMV/
  9. sow ... it's possible to porting xpenoboot to debian/ubuntu bootloader ? that way after xpenoboot load dsm, to have a minimal system of debian/ubuntu with posibility to install packages from repository with apt-get ? thanks
  10. let's say this way ... start machine with xpenoboot after booting we have dsm started in bash of xpenoboot we can login with root account that bash will good to be a debian or ubuntu minimal system and have posibility to apt-get install packages of debian or ubuntu and can run/compile/make etc etc
  11. Yes i will try that ... but my question is for development team of xpenoboot if they can to build xpenoboot based on debian or ubuntu bootloader to load dsm and after that to have debian or ubuntu bash login (minimal system of debian or ubuntu) and have posibility to have dsm as webfrontend and debian as backend. sorry for my english ... I hope they understand what I mean to say...
  12. I remember that in nanoboot it was possible to replace with debian chroot and that make posibility to have a debian chroot and dsm 5.0 source is here ... ot-on-dsm/ it's possible this in xpenoboot ? i think if we have a debian or ubuntu chroot after xpenoboot boot and load dsm, we can do much more ...
  13. thre are users who do not want only a nas (eventualy transcondig) , and another box to play, in these days many user are oriented to using only one box in multimedia features and put nas next to TV and play anything directly to TV through hdmi using xbmc (or anything else).
  14. If a wanted ONLY a Nas be sure i not buy synology or qnap hardware ... i built my self and use many software ( first xpenology, linux, windows, freenas, unraid .... etc) BUT we talk here 2 in 1 (nas and htpc ... aka xbmc player) And in this case qnap is the winner of the year...