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  1. thanks for the reply. Appreciate the info.
  2. Hi folks, I have an old HP Proliant Microserver N40L which is running a really old version of Xpenology 3.x. Feels like 10 years since I last upgraded but still works fine, but want to blow it away and install what ever I can to get it updated. Can the above server run any of the new versions ? if so can anyone reccomend the images that will work with this ? Even better if there are any recent 'how to' on this server type. thanks !
  3. Anyone know how to get it boot from the hard disk rather than USB ? Problem I have is that my motherboard will only let me boot from the USB if I manually select it during post by pressing 'F12'. I've tried every setting in the BIOS several times, but cannot get the USB to boot without manual intervention. Seams daft to waste money on a new motherboard, so I'm trying to figure out how I can get the image transfered from the USB stick on to a small hard drive. Or write the image to a small hard drive before the install, that possible ? The software I used from one of the links which create
  4. Hi my QNAP has let down too many times, so I going to build a new NAS. Have a spare PC and three spare hardrives. 2 x 1Tb and 1 x 250Gb. Wondering if its possible to boot from the 250Gb disk rather than USB stick ? That would then leave with the 2 x 1Tb for storage. thanks,
  5. yeh I got pptp working, didnt get open vpn working.
  6. Hi all, Tried installing this to a spare PC I've got with a 250Gb drive, but the format fails everytime. Does this software only support certain HDD types ?
  7. yeh I just found it. thanks,
  8. Hi All, New to XPENology. I am after a NAS solution with a VPN server. Having looked at this software I can see there is a VPN client, but no signs of a server. I would like to connect to my NAS remotely using some form of VPN. Anyone know if this is do able ? thanks