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  1. The screenshots from my 4.3 to 5.0 migration... As I said, you don't get the warning about 'erasing all data' when the system is in a Migratable state. Of course. A backup IS always recommended.
  2. Decided to pull my existing HDD's and stick a fresh USB stick in, effectively carrying out a fresh DSM5.0 install, purely to retrieve a default N54L synoinfo.conf, the contents of which is below; unique="synology_bromolow_3612xs" company_title="Synology" # system options timezone="Pacific" language="def" maillang="enu" codepage="enu" defquota="5" defshare="public" defgroup="users" defright="writeable" eventsmtp="" eventmail1="" eventmail2="" eventauth="no" eventuser="" eventpasscrypted="" configured="no" admin_port="5000" secure_admin_port="5001" pswdprotect="no" supportweb="yes" suppor
  3. I went Trantor 4.3 to gnoBoot 5.0 using the CyanLabs guide, as mentioned above. Here's my thread; viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2804
  4. I'm seeing funky messages in messages log, which appears to be reporting my eSata ports as Sata, which I assume is due to this. Can anyone provide a virgin synoinfo.conf from an N54l? Cheers, J
  5. N54L, DSM 5.0 4458 U2. Hibernation is working after tweaking my log/scan frequency in certain packages. However my disks are waking erratically, can I monitor/track/trap what is causing them to wake?
  6. I disabled SPDY and my issues disappeared, worth a punt?
  7. Spent the afternoon trying various options, managed to get my volume back by using; esataportcfg=0x10 internalportcfg=0x2f usbportcfg=0xfc1 N54l, DSM 5.0 4458 u2.
  8. That picture..... doesn't even show when you FOLLOW the MIGRATION procedure.
  9. Hey guys I stupidly changed the content of my synoinfo.conf without taking a backup... I run an N54L. I changed my synoinfo.conf FROM the default settings, to these recommended settings; esataportcfg=0x30 internalportcfg=0xf usbportcfg=0x1fc0 But now my 5th Drive that lives on the ODD connector isn't showing up as a volume anymore, and instead is showing as an eSata connected drive. Can anyone tell me what the default settings for these three configs are?
  10. Plucked up the courage, and followed the Cyanlabs guide here http://cyanlabs.co.uk/news/install-xpen ... thout-esxi Took me from Trantor 4.3 3810 Update 4, cleanly to 5.0 4458, without any trouble Thanks.
  11. Hey guys. I'm sat on 16TB of data, that I can't afford to lose, and don't have anywhere to backup that kind of data to. Stupid, yes. But, the question is. What is the best method for getting to DSM5.x from Trantor's very excellent 4.3 3810 U4...Is this even possible? I've done a lot of reading, but I couldn't find a simple/single how to. My reading resulted in bolting various 'methods' from various 'threads', and no definitive answer on if this was indeed possible. One questions I've always wondered. If my Xpenology was to corrupt/break, how feasible is it to restore an SHR array?