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  1. jokies

    Docker DSM and Virtual DSM

    Now Synology support both. Which is more than fantastic. From my aspect of view docker abstract the layers and allow us to replace them with suitable ones. But I have yet been able to get my hands on that, anybody can share the docker image or virtual disk provided by Synology?
  2. jokies

    gnoBoot 4458-Update 1

    Lastest DSM update enhanced hack detection and won't apply on a XPenlogy.
  3. Any debug message or log?
  4. I once got this problem but when the system is connected to Internet the problem is gone.
  5. jokies

    Push Service not working

    Synology started to block XPEnology out of their cloud services. Meanwhile by activating them, you already leaked your build version, IP address, ports opened and many other information, Synology can now get into your box whenever you're connected to Internet.
  6. jokies

    Chose which DSM version to boot?

    Hi, you may want to take a look at Synology official guide about migrating existing DSM hard drives to other models.
  7. jokies

    Big problems with gboboot 10.5 DSM 5.0-4458_Update2

    A specific version of VPN Server or all versions? Does it also affect DSM 4.3 or previous DSM 5.0 versions of XPEnology?
  8. Thank you for your information. Gnoboot 10.5 issues can be reported to gnoboot by visiting, I think he will be happy to see your feedback. Debug message from both console and Xenserver syslog may also help so please include them.
  9. jokies

    How to update gnoboot in Esxi 5.5

    Mount the vmdk file and if you're running windows, use image writer to write the new gnoboot *.img to the disk. If you're using Linux, use dd command to get it done.
  10. jokies

    What ARCH should I compile drivers for?

    Bromolow is Intel Sandy Bridge + Cougar Point Cedarview is Atom, the old series. Avaton is D2750 and it's new Atom family. Google will tell you I'm right.
  11. jokies

    DSM 5.0-4482 is out

    Nothing big. Version: 5.0-4482 (2014/04/24) Compatibility and Installation After installing this version of DSM on DS214play, the device will shut down and then power on automatically after two minutes. Change Log Added the GeoIP* feature in Firewall settings, enabling you to allow or block IP addresses from certain countries. Added an option to save files in UTF-8 (with BOM) format in Text Editor. Fixed a security issue of Windows File Service to prevent remote attackers from obtaining access. (CVE-2013-4496) Fixed several security issues related to cURL. (CVE-2014-0139, CVE-2014-0015, CVE-2013-6422) Fixed an issue where CGI programs could not run on Personal websites. Added feature to disconnect user connections to HTTP(S) services after a user's password is changed. Improved the stability of iSCSI target service. Improved the stability of file transfers via Apple File Protocol. *This feature includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from I'm a DS713+ owner and up to now I didn't try this upon any XPEnology so you're welcomed to report whether your XPEnology can apply the update and how you managed to do it.
  12. Hey buddy, you know that vmware have their own knowledge base and forum right? I believe your problem will be better solved there.
  13. jokies

    How to update gnoboot in Esxi 5.5

    Make a new bootable vmdk using gnoboot 10.5 and replace your current one.
  14. Up to now ESXi supports only USB 2.0. It's a software limitation.
  15. jokies

    Dyn is shutting down free host name program(DynDNS)

    Yeah, that's a pity. I used No-IP from the beginning, working well.