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Missing 1 drive


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Good evening,

I have a Dell Poweredge r510 with an h200 flashed to IT mode. Installed is 8 3tb HDD . DSM can see 7 drives but the 8th is mounted as an esata. What am i doing wrong? Whats he Noob way of getting this software to see my 8th drive? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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How is Storage Manager displaying the drives ie slot numbers?

Try disabling any on-board sata and see if that changes the disk appearance

You can 'mask out' the esata drive settings in synoinfo.conf if the above does not work. Thats a bit involved, so try and report back on the above first before you start 'hacking' :)

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thats 4 x onboard sata + 1 ata/sata for optical drive + your 8 from the h200 - the default configuration covers 12 ports, so you are 1 over the limit


if you can't disable anything in bios you can change the cofiguration file of dsm to support more ports

zhe following video explains how to do it (takes a little bit binary to hex calculation, but its easy if you get the point how to count the ports)



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