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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Maybe someone can help me. I have one successful install using 1.03b and is currently running the most update version of DSM. This is on a Dell r510 baremetal install my other R510 will not work with loader 1.03b. of course i changed the mac addresses and installed a new serial # for the 2nd 510 as well. The only hardware difference in different size ram. One ( the working one) has 24gb of memory and the other has 32. also the working one is using a h200 raid card flashed in IT mode where the none working is using a H700 unknown FW version. Not sure if this helps but I'm noticing my nics
  2. AMeggs

    Missing 1 drive

    yeah the drives are starting with Disk 6-12 as seen on attached photo.
  3. AMeggs

    Missing 1 drive

    Good evening, I have a Dell Poweredge r510 with an h200 flashed to IT mode. Installed is 8 3tb HDD . DSM can see 7 drives but the 8th is mounted as an esata. What am i doing wrong? Whats he Noob way of getting this software to see my 8th drive? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Yeah im getting the same issue as well, Im using a re-purposed Dell Poweredge R510 dual xeon 5650, 24GB Ram. I get the same message, I also can not delete a VM or edit it.
  5. I have been running 6.1.3 on a bare metal Desktop AMD computer for a couple of months. I have decided to move the file system over to a R510. When i load the 3tb drives in the raid controller its only sees them as 2tb. Im assuming this is due to out of date firmware on the Perc i/6. can some one confirm this, move in the right direction on how to and what to update this with? Finally, Im hoping to move the file-system over and setting from previous computer without starting over. IS this possible and how do i go about doing that. Thanks for any help !!
  6. Thank you for your help, it appears to be working and Diskstation is installing now. Thanks again!
  7. Yeah I'm afraid this is over my head of expertise.......
  8. Thanks for the reply, to be honest I'm not sure what the cause is. I tried different configuration and I can get as far as "booting kernel" on the boot screen but when I go to another machine to try and login based on or the Ip I get nothing.
  9. I'm having some issues installing on a Dell R510. I'm currently using 6.1.3 on an older AMD and works fine. I'm more than positive I am doing something wrong getting the dell setup to boot. If someone is using the R510 or something similar can you tell me how it should be configured? This includes bios settings, Raid settings ETC. Thanks for any help guys!