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XPenology on HP DL 380 G5 (smart array P800)


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Thanks to all who makes possible the realization of XPEnology.


I try to install XPEN in to HP DL380 G5 server with P400 and P800 smart array, but it has not find any HDD after loader boot, P400 and P800 is in supported hardware for 5.2 version(https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/4980-gt-hardware-supported-list-for-dsm-52-lt/). I try XPEnoBoot 5.2-5644 and XPEnoBoot 5.2-5967 with same result - no HDD find. In P400 and in P800 created RAID 1 and RAID 5 with logical drives(cciss mode), and openmediavault is succesfully install with this hardware and arrays config.

Maybe i need to do something additional to install XPEN on this hardware?

Thank you.

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it documented that it does not work for 6.1

i think 6.0 does work so if you really have to, you can use dsm 6.0 (or omv)


[…] Either confirmed by users that it is not working OR not supported for DSM 6.1 (kernel 3.10.102) OR does not load at all. Driver was compiled/tested but removed - if someone finds a way to get it working in some way, tell us here and it will be added




[hpsa: Smart Array P212 P410 P410i P411 P812 P712m P711m ; (Gen6/7 Controllers) Smart Array P222 P420 P420i P421 P822 P220i P721 ; (Gen8 Controllers) Smart Array P430 P430i P431 P830 P830i P831 P731m P230i P530 P531 ; (Gen8.5 Controllers) Smart Array P440 P441 P840 P440ar P244br H240 H241 H240ar H244br ; (Gen9 Controllers) HP StorageWorks 1210m P1224 P1228 P1228m P1224e P1228e P1228em
[cciss: old Smart Array driver up to P420, Gen7]

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