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28 minutes ago, kbarb said:

The Realteck RTL8111 seems to  be very well supported.


See the "Compatible" page :



and look under LAN & USB, search for 8111


Also it was supported under XPEnoboot / DSM 5.2 so it would seem to be supported going forward.

See here :



You are referring to DSM 5.2 and to a website that is no longer maintained. I believe the OP (although he did not mentioned it) was most likely referring to using the latest and greatest DSM 6.2 with jun's loader.

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You mean the xpenology.me "Compatible" page is for v5.2  as well ?

I didn't see that, didn't know that.


If that's the case, could one assume that what is listed on those two compatibility sites/pages that I linked to - - would still be supported on v6.2, with Jun's loader ?  in general anyway ?


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Although that website still contains some useful information it is deprecated and most information provided in there hasn't been updated since the avent of DSM 6, specially the 'Compatible' tab. So no, it is no applicable to DSM 6 and you should not be relying on it for compatibility related issues.


All up to date information in within this forum. Search the 'Additional Compiled Modules' sub forum and 'Tutorial' forum. That's where you should be looking into.

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