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  1. @hubogoss62 Let us know how it goes. I'm thinking of using the same J3455-ITX mobo and I'd be quite interested. By the way, for that answer you found - you're actually linking to #comment-79185 on that page (the one in red), which is obviously not the right one. Which particular reply were you referring to ? Each post is identified by the ID # at the top right (it's a link actually)
  2. @sbv3000 I think you mean J3455M ASRock, right ?, not Asus ? The link leads to an ASRock J3455M
  3. You mean the xpenology.me "Compatible" page is for v5.2 as well ? I didn't see that, didn't know that. If that's the case, could one assume that what is listed on those two compatibility sites/pages that I linked to - - would still be supported on v6.2, with Jun's loader ? in general anyway ?
  4. Test4321, How's it going with the ASRock J3455-ITX (or did you get the "B" version). You're saying, "running at base speed (1.5-1.6mhz)" is not an issue, because for your purposes you don't really need the extra speed ? Otherwise, no major issues ? Thanks !
  5. The Realteck RTL8111 seems to be very well supported. See the "Compatible" page : http://xpenology.me/compatible/ and look under LAN & USB, search for 8111 Also it was supported under XPEnoboot / DSM 5.2 so it would seem to be supported going forward. See here :
  6. @jurgenautt, are you still there ? None of the photos are coming up any more. I'd be interested in them, if you have time fix that. I wanted to ask though, in general you had no problems with the Asrock j3455m mobo and Xpenology + DSM ? Also what is Jupiter ? didn't quite get that one. Thanks ! [ Edit : For the Photobucket issue, it looks like you'd have to upgrade your Photobucket acct to a $400/yr plan to embed photos, so perhaps consider hosting your photos elsewhere ? ]
  7. I'm interested in repurposing the old laptop too - mostly for the Surveillance system add-in. But I'm not sure I totally understand the above comment . . . 1. For an esata external drive box, using port mulitplier, it seems to be that it totally depends on whether the laptop's esata port is port mulitplier compatible. If not, then what happens ? If you had two 1T drives, would it see just one big 2T drive ? For example, what's going to happen if you attach this Rosewill box w/ or w/o port mulitplier compatibility, with four 1T drives: Rosewill RSV-S4-X - 4-Bay http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816132029&cm_re=esata_storage-_-16-132-029-_-Product They are including a port mulitplier compatible SATA card in that bundle, but of course that wouldn't end up being part of the equation with a laptop. 2. USB connected drives Will Xpenology recognize USB attached drives in general ? just not as part of a RAID array ?
  8. @mXfored You still there ? I am thinking of trying xpenology. I was curious about your statements : >>For Icybox : which one are you using ? >>For "Both drives can be read as single drives on failures without issues - most of the NAS raids fail hard on this" What do you mean by that ? >>For : I don't need, by all means, a transparent Raid on the NAS OS What do you mean . . . transparent Raid ? You are using the "Large" raid function on your Icybox ? If you have a minute I would be interested in your answers. Thanks, Kent San Francisco
  9. A hardware compatibility wiki sounds like a great idea. I'm a newcomer to the site and immediately started looking around to see if anyone had successfully set up a low power system (as in low TDP), but a tad more powerful (as in cpu and I/O) than the Synology boxes. Aside from the xpenology.me/compatible page it looks like for the most part you have to just read through forum posts.