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Configuration location of DSM, and how to change it?


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well, i started always with a baremetal system, always used an SSD to install DSM and apps, later on , always plugged in the extra SATA disks for files and backup


now, i started with esxi, created also an virtual disk on my ssd datastore now, installed DSM, did some basic setup, when everything was finished, i plugged in my other disks

after i booted, my dsm started up, BUT with the configuration of my old system


so am i correct that the configuration/settings of DSM is saved on every disk? am i also correct that DSM is installled and published on all disks, if you plugin more disk? in case of failure of a disk, so synology still boots?


so , how can i tell my new configuration in ESX, to always take the config of the new SSD disk, and NOT take the config of the plugged disk later on?

because , i am now still at 5.2, if i start clean in esxi, with a new VM, and start with 6.1, if i then plugin my disks, maybe it strats again loading 5.2 ...




i hope you understand my question :smile:



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2 hours ago, NoFate said:

so am i correct that the configuration/settings of DSM is saved on every disk?

yes, a mdadm raid1 device ist created over all disks, if a new empty disk is initialized dsm will create 2 patitions one for dsm one for swap and add them to /dev/md0 and /dev/md1


cat /proc/mdstat will show you the existing configuration


to make the system start from one single specific disk and ignore the other oe way could be to format the /dev/md0 /dev/md1 (not deleting partions, just wipe file system of the old md0/1) and let the 3rd /dev/md2 as it is

when the system is booting then there is just one system to use and dsm can expand the system to the already existing (empty) partions and the also recover the old /dev/md2

is that gone work? i dont know! you can try rthis scenario with a vm and some vitual disks before you do it with the real disks


but there are different ways possible to do what you want, maybe someone comes up with a way he already tested

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ok, i tried anyway


created a new VM , start clean, install DSM on a virtual disk (ssd), i turn off, i attach my other disk

as soon as i start now 6 i get this message : 


we've detected that the hard drives of your current ds3615xs has been moved from a previous ds3615xs, and installing a newer dsm is required before continuing


am i save to proceed? , probably it will overwrite, so i think i can continue??

if i continue, lets say, i want to go back to 5.2 , can i still do that then? will it downgrade? without loosing data offcourse :smile:

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as i understand it it will only overwite the 5.2 installtation on the disk added as in add the fist two partitions to the raid1 set md0 and md2

after this i would expect that dsm finds the data on the disk (it it was a single disk without raid)

no way back to 5.2 because the system (first two partitons) are replaced with the 6.x, plgins an plugin configuration are stored in the (3rd) data partition

if you want a upgrade you should have the 5.2 system booting, shutdown, replace the boot media (in case of vmware not a usb stick, will be a vmdk i guess) with the one for 6.x and boot, the synology assistent should recognise the old system, update it and take as mach settings as possible to the 6.x installtion


i'm not shure what you wand, a clean fresh 6.x install or update

maybe read this about migration


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Hi, I just want to start clean, there is not much config on mine, just some apps...

So I start a new VM with Jun  loader, create a new virtual disk, install Dsm on it

After it, I insert my other disks, I get that warning I posted earlier, then it will overwrite without loosing data, right?

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if you dont have a backup and want to know for shure i suggest you test it with a vm and some virtual disks

set up a vm with 3 vitual disks, install 5.2 and create a raid5 after setup, copy some date to the new volume (or just create a text file, something that will be recogniszed later), shut down vm, "unplug" disks, copy disk files to your new vm with 6.x and "plug" them in, you should see the same notification as with our real disks and can try what happens, if it work you will see your test data (or text file) as data volume


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