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Gen8 and fan noise - how to lower


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I have gen8 (xeon) on baremetal with latest loader and latest dsm, and noise is kind of very high, iLo reported fan speed is around 45%. Temperature seems to be ok, all four hdd are around 40C. Are there any way to lower the noise? I have searched on the forum here, but did not find anything practically useful.

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Anyone up to the challenge of a dummys guide for AMS for Gen 8 baremetal on 6.1?  the referenced thread dates back to 2015 and I am not familiar with modprobe :(


Currently fans are reasonable on my Gen8 as I don't have in the open so not sure how much of a benefit AMS would be however now the box is up and running on the latest I would prefer to have more visibility of temps.


Any help appreciated

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I really need to know that the proper "power settings" in ILO for the NL54 Gen8 microserver are if I run Xpenology 6.2x via loader.


If I set OS Control Mode in ILO it will result in 42% fan speed when Xpenelogogy is loaded and running.

If set to HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode does not change anything I noticed? Should there be a better way to use OS controlled and set up Diskstation to use less power if possible (idle time)?



I activated in Diskstation/Powercontrol "max fans" and can not deactivate it any more with a mouse click :/ is there a known way to SSH set this setting?

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