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  1. Balrog

    DSM only sees 4 ports with Marvell 88SE9705

    Sorry but you have to do your homework and read by yourself a little bit with the given information. In short: "in IT-Mode the HBA (this is the H200) exposes all connected harddisks as themselves to the operating system whereas the original firmware sums the harddisks up in, for example a raid 1 (mirror) and exposes this raid 1 to the operating system (which you don't want for the usage in DSM). Best of luck to you.
  2. Balrog

    DSM only sees 4 ports with Marvell 88SE9705

    No, I don't know the card you posted. I only want to give a hint which cards are working proved well. This is the manual I used to flash: Of course as I said: it is hard if you never made such processes but I hope you get what I mean. Maybe you can buy an already flashed Dell H200 in IT-Mode on eBay? A quick search for "dell h200 it mode" gives me multiple results. Here a 2 examples where you can see what I mean: These cards are working (if they are in good condition of course).
  3. Balrog

    DSM only sees 4 ports with Marvell 88SE9705

    My suggestion is: use an IBM M1015 or Dell H200/H310 (these adapters I use by myself) flashed to IT-firmware. It's a little hard to read through the howto if you never made this before but it works for me for about 3 years now. Afterwards you get 8 internally usable ports which are recognised by DSM.
  4. Balrog

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I am waiting for this too as I have no use for plex and my Xpenology 6.1.7 under Vmware 6.5 on HP Microserver Gen8 is working awesome.
  5. Balrog

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Did you use the VMXNET3 or E1000 as vNIC?
  6. Balrog

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    If you mount the "synoboot.img" with OSFMount you can see that there are 3 different boot-settings in the loader: "DS918+ 6.2 Baremetal" "DS918+ 6.2 Baremetal Reinstall" "DS918+ 6.2 VMWare/ESXI" I will play around with the settings and try an update of a running VMware Workstation Test-VM under DSM 6.1.x.
  7. You can exchange the loader 1.02a with 1.02b. You just have to make the same changes of the mac-address and sn in the config file as usal. Have a look into the "how to-threads" here. There will be explained the process.
  8. In the 1.02a-loader is a bug where you have to copy drivers manually after an upgrade of DSM. I would suggest to try the actual loader 1.02b. For debugging purposes it is also good to have access via putty over a serial connection. With this way you be able to see the whole boot process. I made a thread here in the forum with a manual how to do this.
  9. Balrog

    DSM 6.1.3 and sas controller

    So it's a problem with proxmox and not the H200 itself.I ran for about 2 years DSM with a bare metal installation due to problems with passthrough the H200 under ESXi 6.0. The situation is much better with ESXi 6.5 now.
  10. Balrog

    DSM 6.1.3 and sas controller

    I use the ds3615xs version. Its working for years now and I see no advantage for me in using the ds3617xs. Before inserting the H200 into the server I flashed it with the newest firmware to 20.00.07. In the early versions of P20-firmware was a bug but version 20.00.04 and after are fine. You can have a deeper look here: I dont know if it is the point where it hangs at your site but this is was I have done. Afterwards I put the card into the Server and passed it through the VM with success.
  11. It is possible that the serial port function is only available with a licensed esxi-host but I am not sure about this. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  12. Balrog

    DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    So this is the md5 for the first package of 6.1.4-15217: de53ef411024536dd4c47517a9b8979d This is the md5 for the new release of 6.1.4-15217: 23acaefffb0d01aa9f57870fcfcfb887 It seems that mainly hda1.tgz is different in the pat-files (I decompressed them with 7-zip). I have decompressed hda1.tgz multiple times to be able to compare the files: - a lot of .so-files are different in /usr/lib - a lot of .so-files are different in /usr/syno/synoman/webapi/lib - a lot of "style.css"-files a different in various folders So it seems that the new 6.1.4-15217 is truely a new release with new content.
  13. Balrog

    DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    Nice. I will do it this evening after work. Gladly I even downloaded the original md5 from the first package.
  14. Balrog

    DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    I have downloaded the 6.1.4 package but not installed it. If there is a fresh release I can compare the content of the new package with the abandoned 6.1.4-package.
  15. Balrog

    Open vmtools for dsm 6.1 on esxi 6.5

    @4sag: Thank you very much! The tools are working.