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  1. Since my old Fritzbox I used with openwrt and wireguard went to oblivion I want to make use of wiregiard on my xpenology (HP54NL), too. The docker solution of sounds promising. But since it is a bit behind my horizon I would like to know what you think about it and if you got things nicely running before I start digging into it.
  2. I am with Xpenology for one day and I wonder if I can reactivate the C-states in bios after setting up DSM6.2x with loader 1.03b on my HP 54NL with biggest Xenon CPU. If that is ok than it should make more sense on limmiting heat expense, noise and energy? PS: I hit the full power button in config/power in the GUI and can not deactivate it. Is there a config file I could edit to go back to conservative if it is respected at all since DSM does not know my HP hardware.
  3. I really need to know that the proper "power settings" in ILO for the NL54 Gen8 microserver are if I run Xpenology 6.2x via loader. If I set OS Control Mode in ILO it will result in 42% fan speed when Xpenelogogy is loaded and running. If set to HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode does not change anything I noticed? Should there be a better way to use OS controlled and set up Diskstation to use less power if possible (idle time)? PS: I activated in Diskstation/Powercontrol "max fans" and can not deactivate it any more with a mouse click :/ is there a known way to SS