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  1. Docker showing wrong CPU usage

    officially updated this via Package Station. Seems to work fine.
  2. Joa, da er sich ausschaltet must du ihn Manuell wieder anschalten. Um den Würfel zu starten kannst du entweder via WoL oder im ILO web interface auf starten drücken.
  3. Anfänger Fehler ?

    Wake On Lan ist NICHT Internet tauglich. Es ist nicht möglich ein WoL paket über das internet zu senden, klappt nich. Obs via VPN klappt bin ich mir gerade nicht sicher. Glaube aber hat bei mir auch immer rum gestockt, weshalb ich auf ein WoL php script ausgewichen bin welches auf nem AllwaysOn Rpi geloffen ist.
  4. You might want to Read this Thread:
  5. Docker showing wrong CPU usage

    Seemsto work better now. Sadly Prime95 docker never manges to get 100% CPU load.
  6. Docker showing wrong CPU usage

    They went from 1.11.2-0329 to 17.05.0 ? Whatever ^^ Guess the 15163 is an internal Testing version or maybe Update 9. Well.. it did work. But it deleted all my containers. Might be because i've once switched the packages from Volume1 to Volume2.
  7. Synology Drive

    Sounds like Dropbox made by Synology to host on your own?
  8. Create VPN for remote network access?

    Yes this does work. You need the VPN Server package and create a Server. There is only a small issue, if you're using OpenVPN on a Computer/network which already has certain IPs i.e and you try to connect to your PC on the home network with IP you will only connect to the Local PC and not the one on your Home Network.
  9. Disk volume not expanding in raid 6 setup

    This one helped me a lot. https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Mdstat
  10. Hi, It seems like my Docker Settings show the wrong CPU Usage. if i check the System CPU usage, or use top inside the console i get the correct CPU usage. But the docker Settings and the Docker Container status window show totally wrong CPU usage. Anyone ever had a similar issue?
  11. 1) If you want to see the SMART values in Xpenology jep, software raid. 2) no idea, sorry. 3) Never actually tried it, but i think it's said to be 1 SSD per Read, 1 SSD per Write PER Volume.
  12. Modding the virtual machine parameters

    They do at least support USB Passtrough now. But hey, if you manage to get a PCI-E Passtrough working.. i've got a old Quadro lying around here, and my HP Gen8 got a free slot, so that would be nice.
  13. CPU Upgrade Gen8

    Yes! Bought a Xeon 1265L for 65$ from Ebay. Unplug all, take out Mainboard, replace CPU, make sure to replug SAS cable and all others, reboot, done. Oh yeah, and getting a 1220 v2 non L version you will definitly need an active CPU Cooler! Switching from 35W G1610T to 45W 1265L increased temperature by a lot in my case. Stock: G1610T (you can see the peak with Prime95 around 53°C lower is idle Temp.) Xeon 1265L: (peaks around 80°C that's when the Case Fan kicked in from 18% to 45%, Idle Temperature is about the same) I've compared Powerdrain by both systems. Idle with 4x 6TB WD Red the G1610T uses 45W Idle and 55W Load. The Xeon 1265L uses 45W Idle too, but goes up to 100W in Prime95 quite a bit more ^^
  14. DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    Sucessfully installed on HP Microserver Gen8. Until now no issues.