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Hi, I've been trying to get 1.02b baremetal working but without any luck. Through serial the boot process shows this: 


:: Loading module tg3[    7.189291] tg3 0000:02:00.0: Problem fetching invariants of chip, aborting
 ... [  OK  ]


Any idea?

Thank you!

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if the network driver does not work it's only logical that there will be no webinterface over network


the tg3.ko is alredy part of the original extra.lzma from jun

if you google your error you will find that this is no synoloy specific error

"inserting the broadcom module before tg3 makes things appear to load"

as there is no broadcom.ko in the extra.lzma from jun and in the kernel source of 6.1_15047 there is nothing to find in the drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom makefile that would create a broadcom.ko so



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On 31/7/2017 at 6:52 PM, IG-88 said:

whats the hardware? what oem? any driver (source) from the manufracturer?


Its a Dell Vostro 230 Slim (48.3b101 mobo)

network card Broadcom 57788


In the website they have this: 

Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller, v.12.2.51, A00 BACS driver

Broadcom 57XX Gigabit Integrated Controller, v.12.2a.4.1, A00 LOM drivers



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windows driver are not so useful, if you can provide source that can be compiled with kerne 3.10.102 i will try to compile it, did it already with the realtek r8168, that was easy to get on realteks homepage


found this one from 2015, according to the change log the 57788 was added



if i find time i can try to compile it an provide a extra.lzma for testing

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On 11/08/2017 at 7:34 PM, IG-88 said:

my chroot vm does not boot and my holidays start this weekend so no news about that before 1st week of september

good thing i made a howto ... ;-)

I followed your steps in the guide, still no luck. I'm struggling to compile the tg3 drivers from the file you linked. If someone with more compiling skills than me know how to compile them, will be really helpful. 



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4 hours ago, MarcHT91 said:

Not through the serial port, I'll try again with a fresh 1.02b image with no changes. 


as my log for the v3 say's no change to the tg3.ko, its the one jun provides

as i checked the source of the tg3 module of the kernel (as i did before for the bnx2 and found out what firmware files are realy needed) there was i firmware file missing for tg3 so i added it (and docimented it in my changelog)

compiling a new  module for toigon/tg3 from external source is for later (maybe this weekend)

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