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Mount Remote Share as Shared Folder in XPE



I would like to use XPE as a VM on my UnRAID machine. My primary goal is to use XPE to act as a HyperBackup target by running HyperBackup Vault on it.


One issue about running VMs on UnRAID is the maximum vmdisk size is based on the largest disk in the UnRAID machine. Hence it is not preferred to backup into the vmdisk as it cannot be distributed across the array


Mounting a remote CIF share into XPE DSM is possible. However, Hyperbackup annoyingly only allows you backup to the root of a Shared Folder


Does anyone know of a way to mount a remote folder and also share this folder as share in DSM?



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Yeah it sounds like a bad idea due to possible network issues but since the XPE VM is actually remote mounting a share on the host, it should e fairly stable. 

iSCSI is something I explored but not workable in UnRAID due to the container file situation. 

VEEAM is something I haven’t looked into yet 

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