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Drive Information diagram missing drives/wrong, how do I fix it?

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I've a ASROCK J4105 mobo with 4 sata ports and additional Marvel 4 Sata port PCI-E card.


TRCP automatically detected and setup the following, which appears to be correct:



Found "00:12.0 Intel Corporation Device 31e3 (rev 03)"
Detected 2 ports/2 drives. Override # of ports or ENTER to accept <2>


Found "01:00.0 Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 9215 (rev 11)"
Detected 4 ports/1 drives. Override # of ports or ENTER to accept <4>


Found "04:00.0 ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1062 Serial ATA Controller (rev 02)"
Detected 2 ports/2 drives. Override # of ports or ENTER to accept <2>


Computed settings:



All 5 inserted disks work perfectly in 7.1 but the "Drive Information" diagram only shows 4 available drives *see screenshot below*.


How do I fix this?



Screenshot 2022-08-14 183416.jpg

Screenshot 2022-08-14 183558.jpg

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I think it has something to do with:

  "synoinfo": {
    "internalportcfg": "0xffff",


But not sure what/how to change it.


edit: Digging further, ffff = 1111111111111111, so 16 internal drives, which matches to the maxdrives=16.

I'm still not sure why it only presents 4 drives in the display.

Any ideas?

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Thank you!  Good to know it's purely graphical.  I was worried it was indicative of some misconfiguration which might affect other things like which drives the DSM partitions were installed, or if the missing drives were treated as USB etc.


Is there a writeup anywhere how it is configured though? I understand the use of hex/bin but all I found so far are random examples of how people have fixed their config (albeit trial & error) but can't find a proper writeup or description anywhere.

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I'd still like to follow up on this if it's possible to correct it.

I did think of using the RSxxxx build option so I can have a lot more visible drives and easily manage them using the gui. I think that brings issues with the drive compatibility lockdown and smart data availability though doesn't it? 

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