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On 6/22/2022 at 2:07 AM, sam juan said:

hmm; i wonder if it is possible to install QTS 5 into older qnap boxes using TC. :D


You can. I tried to put TS-253D into TS-269 Pro. I recommend to pull out the USB DOM before loading any loader. It can boot, it read the disk (you will need to modify mymodel to point to the right device), it can install. But I encountered problems with connection to QNAP server. I can't install any app, the web server is broken, I can't do firmware upgrade, fan and temperature doesn't show correct value, etc. etc. Maybe with more tinkering I will eventually turn TS-269 Pro to TS-253D, but I stopped because I can run DVA3221 without any problem whatsoever on it, and Surveillance Station is exactly what I need. Check out my post in the german section that discuss this topic.

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I find this interesting, but as I do believe pocopico is involved in the qnap project also, I do not think it has gotten much attention? I may be wrong.  I wouldn't mind trying/playing Qnap, but overall Synology is the first name in NAS.

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