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  1. other function like suspend and snapshot works without root privileges , if you try to shutdown it performsa a brutal shutdown.
  2. You can backup VM from ESXi via active backup for business , but VMware backup can means a lot of things
  3. Apollolake, as usual, don't forget to change from "package" to "root " into privilege https://mega.nz/file/vaQATbjJ#bNfUurwTtBwttfDEG2KgJOzg1JHMVDBEbpbO58aAY2Q
  4. Now i'm at workplace, late in the afternoon there will be
  5. Could you please post /var/log/package/opevmtools log?
  6. Denverton https://mega.nz/file/qLIxHISA#jy3mNgxxo-kyYUoc5R0iIYqL1l0Rmyue0G5DXY0wxM8 Geminilake https://mega.nz/file/TapDCDjR#Ho8GGFLbQgvYpomTIn6bTm1ozHVl3xEH3Q52s6h5ZlA
  7. DVA devices has been built with face recognition capabilities and other features for video surveillance , so DS3622 it's not useful if you want those features
  8. Hi friends, attached there is a new version for openvmtools , as usual change to root in /var/package/open-vmtools-12/conf/privilege file. Is compiled for broadwellnk let me know if you need for other arch Try and report https://mega.nz/file/2KYUnT7Z#dqr-3e59ysRtRV7Mlmz9iYfw3xoRM9jIxN4F6tMoXGo
  9. I need to understood several things 1) How to move kernel modules in right place and add loading at boot time 2) How to point main executable to standard place where config file is located. I tried to compile V 12 of Vmtools but it doesn't works because it needs a special lib that i don't know how to add to spksrc framework
  10. A little step ahead, now it seems that package 11.3.5 is working almost as expected, i have to fix one thing wrong place where config files will be placed., to fix user simply change from package to root in /var/packagename/config/privilege file, i know is porkaround, but it seems working I have other minor problem that it comes from lacks of VMCI modules for synology kernel
  11. Hi, sorry for late answer, I'll try to compile package adding this patches
  12. Hi, strange request, i discovered a Chinese repo that host rustdesk serve spk, but this repo don't allow download of spk via web, only via synology package manager. As far you know, is there a way to avoid deleting spk after installation occours in synology ? My goal is have a spk but in english Many thanks
  13. Maybe off-topic, i have access to a original DS1819+ if someone want some info, ask and i will provide to
  14. It seems that the process is the same.
  15. @pocopico are you the "culprit" ?
  16. Howto migrate from 7.01 to 7.1 using tinycore? is the same from 6.2.3 to 7.01?
  17. Hi, i have a fully working DSM 7.01 DS3622xs+ installation on HP Gen8 microserver, i added a Qlogic 8 Gbit FC card to use nas as storage for my home lab cluster. I would like to have two luns where to boot from, but it seems that is a little bit tricky to do with FC implementation on synology. I can assign only one single lun to both host or to one host, it seems that i can't, or I don't know how, to assign one lun to one host and other lun to other host and be able to use as boot lun. To be clear, if you enable bios on FC hba you can boot machine using a FC lun that reside on synology, but it seems that you cant do it with two luns connected one to one host. Someone has some advise? Thanks
  18. i can try, let me some time to prepare and compile
  19. Hi, to compile package you need to have a ubuntu machine where to install spksrc https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc that is the framework to compile spk package. You can read doc on github to know howto setup initial environment and how to compile. The problem is that from DSM7 DSM forbid to install package that need root privilege to run, a possible workaround could be use docker with only vmtools installed. If you need other info, ask me
  20. Package there is a "Beta Package" but it works fine
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