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  1. To avoid the use of synology toolchains, you can build yours specific toolchains via this script Hope it helps
  2. @scoobdriver You can add serial Port to VM and you can connect to via putty, serial ports are virtual and you have to add TCP Port to connect to. Ti view, Simply open Telnet session on esxi host where VM rum, into Port you have defined
  3. @ThorGroup As far i Remember there Is a bash script to build toolchain, to avoid the use of synology dependant stuff, we can build our toolchain in the same way as Synology does Is there hardcoded command line used to build into GCC ?
  4. To avoid use of a too new GCC, can be possible use cross-tools from synology?
  5. It depends on what arch are you using
  6. Great Milestone! Do this "script" intended only for X86 arch? or, maybe in the future, could be used for arm for example?
  7. @vortex How about spksrc infrastructure to build modules automagically?
  8. @pocopico i think there is a problem with bus, as far i know there is a I2C bus on the modo, but it's hard to connect to. You need a sort of pcb slot with wire soldered on for I2C
  9. It would be amazing if possible, add zfs filesystem support
  10. @altas as fa i understood, it's not only a "protection" problem, there is also a cpu problem
  11. The new DSM could be a problem for GEN8 owners, only a specific archs are getting DSM update, as far i saw nothing with Xeon CPU
  12. Aigor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hum, i suppose you had automatic update of DSM turned on, so, your system attempted update to new DSM that is knows bad for xpenology. You have two option. Try new installation with 6.2.3 and appropriate loader , new installation do not delete data on the disks, only Os partition Use a linux machine to read data from disk and try to copy to new space, if works, setup new NAS and copy back data