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  1. Hi Folks, as Title, are they released source and toolchain for last DSM version? many thanks P.S. sorry for possible wrong section, i don't know in which section ask something like this
  2. Aigor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Onboard nic not workig why? There isn't any driver in boot image or what? If we have kernel source we can compile HP driver and add this into bootimage
  3. Probabilmente il controller dei dischi non è compreso nel bootloader, per ovviare al problema devi usare un loader meno recente con un DSM meno recente Oppure, aggiungere il driver del tuo controller nell'immagine di boot,fattibile, ma devi avere un po di conoscenza in linux
  4. Aigor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, have you did some tweaking to install into N40L? some bios settings or similar, i wasn't able to fresh install into N40L Many thanks
  5. Waiting dev answer , the ideam comes in my mind because i patch DSDT for hackintosh too and i wrote a howto use ozmosis into bios
  6. Hi, i apologize for my strange post How it works original synology hardware? They wrote a special bios in which rename the hardware like they want? If so, could be possible do the same in regular bios? As far i know device naming i doing via DSDT that is readable , so, if we take original synology DSDT we can compare with a standard DSDT and, we can try to tweak DSDT of standard bios to reflect synology device naming i'm writing a bullshit or there is something logical? many thanks
  7. Hi, if you want add FC support to Synology, you have to look into SCST it's' noy enough add QLA driver.
  8. Se non hai bisogno delle features della 6 e della 6.1 rimani con quella che funziona, la 6.1 introduce l'active directory ed altre cose rivolte più al mondo PMI che quello home, per cui, se non ti servono, non ha senso aggiornare xpenology
  9. Jun use vanilla synology source, if you dig into boot image you can see modprobe command, i suspect to be the part in which Jun have worked, so is enough , i have to do some experiment
  10. Aigor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    What is Default Synology repo? what do you looking for?
  11. Hi, nice How-to, do you think i can swap Bzimage too? I'm in writing another howto but without using Xpenology box as devel machine, i have already setup a devel machine in which i can compile drivers, so i would like to use it instead of DSM
  12. Aigor

    CPU nr

    No, is a option not compiled in kernel, you ned to recompile kernel with this option ON in configuration
  13. yes, me, check DNS log to see if there are some syntax errors on zone Files
  14. Ti ringrazio, il bootloader 1.02 Alpha, occhio che è in alpha stage, quindi non è sicuro al 100% che non dia problemi. Io sono ancora su DSM 6.0 per ora non mi occorrono le nuove caratteristiche del 6.1