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  1. Synology piu che perfetto... ma...

    Se non hai bisogno delle features della 6 e della 6.1 rimani con quella che funziona, la 6.1 introduce l'active directory ed altre cose rivolte più al mondo PMI che quello home, per cui, se non ti servono, non ha senso aggiornare xpenology
  2. Jun use vanilla synology source, if you dig into boot image you can see modprobe command, i suspect to be the part in which Jun have worked, so is enough , i have to do some experiment
  3. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    What is Default Synology repo? what do you looking for?
  4. Hi, nice How-to, do you think i can swap Bzimage too? I'm in writing another howto but without using Xpenology box as devel machine, i have already setup a devel machine in which i can compile drivers, so i would like to use it instead of DSM
  5. CPU nr

    No, is a option not compiled in kernel, you ned to recompile kernel with this option ON in configuration
  6. DNS server

    yes, me, check DNS log to see if there are some syntax errors on zone Files
  7. [TUTORIAL]Compilare moduli per dsm 6.1

    Ti ringrazio, il bootloader 1.02 Alpha, occhio che è in alpha stage, quindi non è sicuro al 100% che non dia problemi. Io sono ancora su DSM 6.0 per ora non mi occorrono le nuove caratteristiche del 6.1
  8. DON'T USE QUICKCONNECT! It's more simple use DDNS and port address translation into router. Synology allow to use QC with their original product, still try to use QC and Synology can ban forum.
  9. Xpenology Project Status

    I wrote some howtos but before to write i must prove that they work. When i'll be able to understand and to play with Jun's script i will write it
  10. Xpenology Project Status

    Can You write a sort of howto? i think will be usefull
  11. Xpenology Project Status

    i tried to add modprobe source into tool folder, but i get an error about some bad compilation flag and yes, i'v done ./config --prefix /usr/sbin to generate correct Makefile But i think we can jump compilation of modprobe and simply copy one extracted from running synology or jump the whole "modprobe" step I'v read why Jun want compile mdprobe, but if we can use one from image file, compilation of it is useless.
  12. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    As far i remember N54L is AMD turion, at now there isn't any AMD in 6.1 bootloader. Or, bootloader doesn't contains drivers for your network card. If you have serial cable connect another pc to N54L serial port to show boot log
  13. Xpenology Project Status

    It' was my mistake or the script try to compile modprobe?
  14. Xpenology Project Status

    The scripts miss the interesting bits Well, there ARE references to them, but the interesting bits and pieces (patcher, etc.) are all excluded. Look better, it miss also another piece Did you check scripts set? i have some questions about, due to my lack i don't understand how it works the part where i can run menuconfig
  15. Xpenology Project Status

    Not defending or blaming anyone. If the devs wanted the source code published they would already have done it. I'm sure they are smart enough to think about that. As mush as I understand the people's wish to see the source code, exposing the source publicly would only serve the community negatively. This project does step on some boundaries and I don't think that it is a good idea to show what is done under the hood. The help that the devs needs in my opinion is the compilation of drivers for a broader compatibility. Right, and it's' my "summer project" but i need to understand because i would like to build my own bootloader with my set of drivers. It was not my intention to blame Jun, i say thanks to him for his works and thanks for scripts