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  1. You can compile deduplication program for btrfs
  2. About Drivers, correct me if I'm wrong There are basically "two types of drivers" one type is mandatory to install into some hardware, and others available after installation to support, for example, 10Gbit card and so on. To make loader you need ONLY drivers that is suitable for booting and installing, for example, SaS controller, SATA, network card, usb, exotic chipset, so, i think, reduce the amount of them needed to boot and install, these are mandatory to have new system installed and, but i don't know, can be packed into loader for installing only, after, we can use spk via spksrc to
  3. A question, when "official release" will be available, we should to make a new bootloader every time when a update will be available?
  4. No, i'm still on 6.2 i have almost 16Tbyte of data and backup it's a little bit complicated to be use a euphemism
  5. Are there specific reasons of use Bromolov for HP Gen8 hardware with Xeon? Could be used different version? Thanks
  6. Have you used a null-modem connection? If you want read from serial port thru another serial port you need a serial cable called "null-modem cable" search on google "null modem cable"
  7. There isn't any DS3617XS bootloader, you better use DS3615XS read this message from zip file # Inofficial redpill toolchain image builder - Creates a OCI Container (~= Docker) image based tool chain. - Takes care of downloading (and caching) the required sources to compile redpill.ko and the required os packages that the build process depends on. - Caches .pat downloads inside the container on the host. - Configuration is done in the JSON file `global_config.json`; custom <
  8. I wait "official release" meanwhile, i'm going to make some test on vmware on how to migrate
  9. The worst part of process i have almost 18 Tbyte to backup
  10. Forgive me if i'm dumb, if i would build loader for 7.01 for HP Gen8 Microserver, how should i do? Can i perform direct upgrade in place without lost config and data? Should i backup, perform new installation and restore? Which process should be better with balance between data integrity and less operation? many thanks
  11. You don't need to Synology account is for internet access and some licensing, for example for Active Backup, but it needs real mac-address and real serial number.