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  1. Aigor

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hum, i suppose you had automatic update of DSM turned on, so, your system attempted update to new DSM that is knows bad for xpenology. You have two option. Try new installation with 6.2.3 and appropriate loader , new installation do not delete data on the disks, only Os partition Use a linux machine to read data from disk and try to copy to new space, if works, setup new NAS and copy back data
  2. webdav is the way, or, more secure, setup VPN
  3. @IG-88 are you saying that update is broken from synology? My old question was: do synology use a sort of renaming hardware method to protect theyr software?
  4. @synoman check insanelymac forum, ozmosis thread, or, mydigitallife forum
  5. @IG-88 i dont know if you know, but there are methods to extract modules from bios, and in every pat-file there is bios inside. UEFITool is a tool to open and look inside uefi bios, you can modify and save bios
  6. Hi, i need help, package is almost ready, but i need someone who know and can test package Are there someone interested? In case i have to write a little how-to because i'm not so skilled in sed find and rpelace string Many thanks bacula_bromolow-6.2.3_11.0.1-1.spk
  7. Thank you very much i will try
  8. Hi, i apologize if my post is off-topic, so, i'm in developing bacula into synology, but i have several programming question, first of all, i need to search via sed a string like this dbpassword = "" and i need to change like this dbpassword = "something that comes from a variable" If someone would like to help, i can write more info Many Thanks
  9. Hi are you skilled in using bacula? i have almost ready package, but i need some hints on howto configure
  10. Thank you IG-88 it's' not enough copy hydrogen.h. Yes, you are right, hydrogen not needed for modules
  11. Thank you for the link, do i have to copy hydrogen.h into kernels include folder?
  12. Hi Friends, when i try to compile some kernel modules fo DS3617xs using latest toolchain and latest kernel sources, i get several errors make ARCH=x86_64 CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/dsm-6.2.3/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/bin/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu- /home/dude/linux-3.10.x/arch/x86/Makefile:164: CONFIG_RETPOLINE=y, but not supported by the compiler. Toolchain update recommended. make[1]: Nessuna operazione da eseguire per «all». make[1]: Nessuna operazione da eseguire per «relocs». CHK include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h CHK include/generated/utsrelease.h CALL scripts/ CC
  13. Nella sezione inglese c'e' tutto, se non conosci l'inglese, ti esorto a studiarlo, ti perdi un sacco di cose
  14. Hi, due to my job i had to revamp spk and write a simple howto. Now i'm porting only bacula, not web-interface, that will be a future project, let me try new version, when i have news will be my care to inform you. How you want to attach tape on Synology? If you want to use some tape library via Fibre Channel you need FC support and it's another old project that i have in mind, SCST is the answer for FC support
  15. Aigor


    Thank you for the answer, kernel support could not be a problem with kernel rebuild, IMHO utilities are the real problem