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  1. Howto migrate from 7.01 to 7.1 using tinycore? is the same from 6.2.3 to 7.01?
  2. Hi, i have a fully working DSM 7.01 DS3622xs+ installation on HP Gen8 microserver, i added a Qlogic 8 Gbit FC card to use nas as storage for my home lab cluster. I would like to have two luns where to boot from, but it seems that is a little bit tricky to do with FC implementation on synology. I can assign only one single lun to both host or to one host, it seems that i can't, or I don't know how, to assign one lun to one host and other lun to other host and be able to use as boot lun. To be clear, if you enable bios on FC hba you can boot machine using a FC lun that reside on synology,
  3. i can try, let me some time to prepare and compile
  4. Hi, to compile package you need to have a ubuntu machine where to install spksrc that is the framework to compile spk package. You can read doc on github to know howto setup initial environment and how to compile. The problem is that from DSM7 DSM forbid to install package that need root privilege to run, a possible workaround could be use docker with only vmtools installed. If you need other info, ask me
  5. Package there is a "Beta Package" but it works fine
  6. I have same hardware and i was able to update from 6.2.3 to 7.01 how loader has been built? if you used tinycore, you have to add TG3 extension on building and you have to use DS3622xs+ hardware Try install without ANY other network card than internals Gen8 doesn't have UEFI bios so can't boot UEFI loader
  7. Generally speaking, i saw less cpu and ram usage compared with DS3617xs 6.2 loader and system You can overcome disk warning writing your disk model and serial number into synology db
  8. First of all, BACKUP data just to be sure DS3167 will not receive update after thi release, so, choose DS3622xs+ to build new bootloader. You have to use redpill ti buil new bootloader on hardware where runs actual xpenology, do all the procedure as you know, boot with new bootloader, open webpage of new system, use synology assistant if you don't know ip address of the system, choose migration to migrate to new DSM. You have two options 1) keep data and configuration 2) keep only data Personally i choice keep data and config wait until process end, enjoy new DSM
  9. It seems that i'v obtained a almost functional openvmtools package, snapshot works, suspend works, shutdown stil doesn't work, if you do shutdown, it powers off VM I need help with some debug If someone is interested Is for DS3622xs+ 7.01 Hope it helps
  10. Today i'm updated my Gen8 from DS3617xs-6.2.3 to DS3622xs+DSM 7.0.1-42218, but still not get update 1 2 or 3, are there some steps that i need to perform to get, for example, upate 3 without issue? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your work! I would like to try on VMware Workstation, it works with e1000e into vmx config file of VM, but i can't see any sata disk where install DSM 7.1 beta
  12. Temo che tu stia usando una versione DSM alquanto obsoleta, ti conviene per lo meno passare alla 6.2.3
  13. Do you had some iscsi lun and target?