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What to expect with cheap xpenology?


That's weird, I don't really have a budget. I'm just checking what would be the price of a Xpenology build that satisfy me :S


The only thing I have right now is 2x3Tb hardrive and I know that my next build will have 4 disks (but there's no rush to buy them rightaway).


I'm really just checking what would be the price of a build fast enough to use my applications without lag and without buying an overkill computer.


Are Asrock Q1900-ITX good for these kind of use?

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Yes, you can see that I paid the price of the CPU for the whole server, the rest of it was effectively free :smile:


That said, the 1.1Ghz Celeron 847 in my old box ran all of the apps that I needed just fine. I only upgraded because it was getting a little long in the tooth and I wanted to be able to transcode stuff at a decent speed in Plex (the Celery would only manage 1.1x realtime)


You can buy the T20 with a G3220 CPU and it's been going for around £100 in the UK after rebate. That's a great box for the money, but I don't think that the CPU supports IOMMU which is required for VMDirectPath I/O in ESXi (which enabled me to buy a cheap SATA card, rather than one supported by ESXi)

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@secretliar, Not sure if you are still looking, I just recently did a build (with Canadian Pricing). I have some similar requirements but went baremetal instead of esx, and also wanted good camera performance for home monitoring with surveillance station.

The CAD dollar being low has caused a lot of prices to jump up, but I came in around 600$


Heres what I came out with:


Gigabyte ga-z170-wifi motherboard (1151 socket, dual nic, 6 sata ports, mitx form, *wifi not working with xpenology) - http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX59337


Intel Pentium G4500 (Dual Core 3.5Ghz, VT-x and VT-d) - http://www.ncix.com/detail/intel-pentiu ... 116973.htm


Crucial Ram 16GB (2 x 8GB) - http://secure1.ncix.com/products/?sku=100644


5 x 3TB WD Red - http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX40404


CFI A6039 5bay hot swap case with 300w PSU - http://www.amazon.ca/A6039-Mini-ITX-Cas ... B00KBQ8XSY (I got the case at http://www.itxcanada.com/ *it was the most expensive part around 200$ but can't find it on their site anymore, could ask for a special order).


I did as much price matching as possible and look at shopbot.ca or other competitors to get the best price and do the price beat.

I think you might be able to up the performance with an i3-6100 to get hyperthreading for an extra 50$

http://www.cpu-monkey.com/en/compare_cp ... _g4500-558

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@berwhale, very cool! The only reason I posted my links like I did was because he mentioned Canada and they help to price match and get competitive rates. Shipping from US to Canada is challenging to as brokerage fees, duties and exchange rates make it difficult to come out paying less.

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Thank you for the answers! I definitely need to wait before buying anything to make sure to have a good price :wink:

Sorry I didn't answer before, I have a lot to do at the moment and I put the build on hold for now :S


I think I'm going to try to use my HTPC parts instead of buying anything, I don't know anymore...

We are going to move into a house and I think I just need to wait to know what I'll need (performances, change my HTPC etc.)


I won't buy anything now but if anyone want to add anything, please do! I won't ignore any advice!

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