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  1. Thank you for taking time to answer!I can see that DS3615 support all AI functions of Synology Moments and have a similar CPU as mine. That might be a dumb question but I noticed that Jun Loader 1.04b is for DS918+ and 1.03 is available for DS3615. Does this mean that future updates will be only for DS918+ or that has nothing to do with it?
  2. Hi, I already have a working Xpenology build. It's working fine but I'd like to use more Synology functions like HW transcode and Synology Moments AI functions CPU: i3-4330 (iGPU included) MB : Asrock H97M Anniversary RAM : 8GB I understand that I need a serial number and a mac adress to get HW transcoding. But does my CPU support it? I think it need Intel Quick Sync and my CPU seems to support it. Do I need something else to make it work? Synology Moments : AI functions are not working at this moments. Is it because it needs HW transcodi
  3. Thanks! I used DS3615 and everything is working
  4. Hi! I finally have some PC parts laying around to put my DS212 aside and migrate to a XPEnology build Last time I checked (3 years ago, at least), there was only one loader. Now there's DS3615xs, DS3617xs and DS916? I will build with : Intel CPU i3-4330 Asrock H97M Anniversary 8Gb RAM Any advice on which loader to use?
  5. Hi! Thank you for the answers! I definitely need to wait before buying anything to make sure to have a good price Sorry I didn't answer before, I have a lot to do at the moment and I put the build on hold for now :S I think I'm going to try to use my HTPC parts instead of buying anything, I don't know anymore... We are going to move into a house and I think I just need to wait to know what I'll need (performances, change my HTPC etc.) I won't buy anything now but if anyone want to add anything, please do! I won't ignore any advice!
  6. Unfortunately I'm in Canada... Really not the same prices! I will check with another case and I might be able to use parts of a computer I have
  7. Do you have ideas about a case. For sure I'd love the Node 304 but I'm having difficulties to find a decent priced mobo with mini-ITX size and 6SATA (4 for now, 6 for the future). Thanks
  8. Thank you! I'll think about a build and come around here before ordering stuff
  9. Thanks a lot for the clarification! A last question before I start shopping for pic parts : do I need to look anything specific to be able to install everything without esxi or other virtual machine thing?
  10. @brantje : I will think about it. But isn't the power consumption going to high with this kind of CPU and mobo? You're right. I guess we don't need a 3rd NIC for that? -- Also, I saw people talking about esxi etc. Can I run it directly on the computer or I always need to use a virtual machine?
  11. @brantje : I already build a computer with i5-4460 (and tested DSM with virtual box!), it's really fast but I'm prefer sure it's really too expensive for my use :S I'm okay to overbuild, but it seems too much. I know how to build these computers, I'm here because I would want to learn more about less expensive builds. @butter_fry : - I know stuff about computers. I build some. But I don't do it often and I don't work in it so I always need to relearn stuff online everytime, that's why I'm here asking today That's also why I'm kind of afraid when I read "unlocked". If I'm not wrong it
  12. Sorry! I didn't mean that you question was weird, I meant to tell that I was weird because I didn't have a budget for now. My wish list would be : - 24/7 running NAS - DS Audio - iTunes Server - SickRage (Sickbeard custom) - CouchPotato - VPN Server (I use it rarely when I'm somewhere with too limited connection) - Syncthing - DS Download - 4 disk minimum If it's not adding too much to the price : - Dual Nic would be nice (I would use it only to make sure that DS Download use a VPN router so I have a killswitch, because I couldn't find any other solution yet) - I don't
  13. That's weird, I don't really have a budget. I'm just checking what would be the price of a Xpenology build that satisfy me :S The only thing I have right now is 2x3Tb hardrive and I know that my next build will have 4 disks (but there's no rush to buy them rightaway). I'm really just checking what would be the price of a build fast enough to use my applications without lag and without buying an overkill computer. Are Asrock Q1900-ITX good for these kind of use?
  14. Est-ce que quelqu'un pourrait juste me confirmer que c'est normal ou non par rapport à son installation?
  15. Allo! J'ai installé DSM 5.0-4452 update 2 sur une VirtualBox avec gnoboot. Je n'ai pas modifié le modèle, ça apparaît bien DS3612xs. Est-ce que vous voyez iTunes Server dans la liste des paquets dispo? Par rapport à mon DS212, j'ai accès à plus de paquets mais iTunes Server est absent