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  1. Yes, I update plex all the time. You won't be able to do it from within plex, you'll have to go to the xpenology desktop to do it manually from there.
  2. yup, if it's got a management nic, that is also super easy. For the down arrow, it should be within seconds of boot up. Its the OS selection screen before anything ever gets loaded, but just after the Bios screen(s) Posted via Xpenology.us
  3. another option would be to let it boot to the menu, down arrow twice, then enter Posted via Xpenology.us
  4. well.. how about you set the default boot option to install/upgrade in the cfg file. If all is well, it will boot and you can remote web to it via your laptop. This should do here: UI menu.c32 PROMPT 0 TIMEOUT 50 DEFAULT install MENU TITLE XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.4-df9e09c Posted via Xpenology.us
  5. .." all your media in the perfect universal format for the devices your playing it on" .. and as we know this is a pipe dream. Plex can even do that for you in the background, but then you've got your CPU loaded up most of the time anyhow with background transcodes. Of course i'm talking video here.. audio should be pretty straighforward for any modern processor.
  6. When I built this box in my signature, the branch of choices you laid out looked similar to mine. Though I was looking at the C2750 (8core version). My needs were similar, but I also wanted do do some virtualization of a few preexisting servers I've got. I loved the idea of the Avodon boards, It seems like they are built with the NAS appliance in mind. the build cost would be fantastic considering you don't have to buy a CPU or an extra SATA card. But in the end, it comes down to cpu horsepower. While others may disagree, the ATOM chips just aren't there yet for what we're asking the xpe
  7. I can imagine that its been looked at by the Xpenology deves for a while already since 6 was in beta most of last year. Or perhaps i'm imagining things? Unless they're sneaky and don't inject the protections until the very end... Either way jumping on a new revision of a NAS OS usually isn't the wisest idea for your data. I'm fine with waiting till Synology gets all the nasties worked out. But I'll certainly have a test machine ready! Posted via Xpenology.us
  8. AKA: You already have the real thing, therefore don't need xpenology. Posted via Xpenology.us
  9. yup, that i3 is nice. I just haven't been all that impressed with the board options in this first generation of the 1151s. But i must admit all the M.2 options are nice. Posted via Xpenology.us
  10. Those Celeron's and Pentiums have VT-x, not VT-d. But I can't imagine them being great virtualization canditates anyhow with only two cores. I think the chipset comes into play as well with Directed I/O as well.. but don't quote me on that. Posted via Xpenology.us
  11. Yeah I don't think you can buy a Synology nas with that much power for any price. (lets see if i can do this image thing right this time from onedrive) Looks like that proc of yours is about 40% faster than the pentium I suggested. I threw mine in there for comparison. Posted via Xpenology.us
  12. @berwhale, Congrats, sounds like a beast. What processor is it? e3-1220 / 1225 v3? £400 seems incredibly low priced for a server... must have been one heck of a rebate!
  13. oh.. yeah. so your $400-$500 != my $400-$500 either. More like $300-$400 i suppose. Better stick with a Retail board then Posted via MyXpenology
  14. hey @brantje, have you tried embedding images in this forum script? I'm using onedrive links and they don't seem to be taking. Posted via MyXpenology